Why the young man left the job?

Many of the hobby for the job, but for the hobby to leave the job, how many? Still the travel companion with his pet cat?

Richard East decided. Sleeper vans will travel around the whole of Australia. But he is not keeping a man as a traveling companion. With her pet cottage will be there. Willow is his very favorite pet. The mutual understanding between the two is quite strong.

Social media has now assembled the world in one place. It was not too late to spread the news to social media, and it was not too late to wear millions of comments. Not only that, many people are being inspired by Richard. Many people think that Richard and Willow’s bonding will leave the decision.

Richard Chan, he and his 6-year-old cat Willow wander all the way from Australia without leaving a single one. After that, two people were forced to leave. Three years later, their journey was not completed. They went to visit different places with two people. Wander around in a beautiful place to keep you in mind.

In this way, both of us have been giving time to each other. Where there is no account of payment of debt. No obligation Tamale Internet users are there. Who does not want to roam such a futile out of the power of asking?

This story begins in 2014. In that year, Ist left the IT job to travel. He said, “I have worked with the company for ten years. Still, I did not see my commitment, my career. I seem to have lost. ”

He further said, “Then I think I will be traveling somewhere with six holidays. But to return to the same problem me. This thought came to mind. I do not think then Need more than six months. Do not be in the month of six months. ”

He decides he will remand his Voxvagan van and it has to be made like a home. It will have all the facilities like home. He said, “Then come to mind about Van Life. I sell my house. Sell โ€‹โ€‹everything that I bought. I was in my head how I would live. So I started living at a low cost. ”

Esther sells all her things but one thing that could not sell. That is his pet cat Willow. Esther did not think herself apart from Willow. He said, “To tell the truth, Willow was not in my life plan. But it happens. I understand that I can not leave behind the willow. She was always beside me. So I admit I will not leave him any day. This is the greatest decision of my life. ”

But it was not as easy as making things easy. Creating a cat ‘Traveling Cats’ is not easy. Because she lived inside the house for the whole life. “When I was making the van, the willow spent a lot of time with me. Then she realized that it would be a safe house for her. And he learns to be inside him. ”

Although he had read the travel lessons in the Willow very slowly. “I first started going to the Weekend tour with Willow. Then the whole week. After that, he does not just learn to love wandering. “Such is Esteve on his website.

Willow has already crossed the Tropic of Capricorn six times and the best thing about this visit to Willow is finding out which one is the best place to sleep in the cottage. Esther said, “Willow always has the best place to find and the most beautiful grass is in the field. But she likes the most and baths in the dust. ”

I do not want to think about anything. This is how time you want to spend. He and his willows want to do whatever they want. That’s going to be. Let’s do that. The relationship between the two is not torn apart.