Review: The 2019 Best OBD2 Scan Tool For Android

Top 5 Best OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter Scan Tool For Android/iOS/iPhone Review 2019

Are you looking for an OBD2 scanner compatible with your Android device? Check out our simple guide that will help you find the best OBD2 2018 scanning tool for Android phones and tablets.

Most do-it-yourself users use wireless OBD2 scanners. These use Wifi or Bluetooth.

If you have an Android, you can use any of the two (wifi or Bluetooth)
BUT if you have an iPhone, you MUST get the WIFI version because Apple does not allow Bluetooth connections.

Car enthusiasts have much to thank these days. Do you want auto parts? Simply go online and ask what you need, and everything will be sent to your home. Do you need to search for a used car? The old story is to move from one merchant to another. Simply search the Internet for the largest choice of used cars. Fortunately, even OBD2 scanners are now available to all car owners. But it’s not that simple. Yes, the OBD2 scanning tools have evolved to be very easy to use, but you must first figure the OBD2 protocol of your vehicle before purchasing a scanner.

Here is our favorite Android OBD2 scanner for the price

There are 5 (five) known OBD2 protocols:

ISO14230-4 (KWP2000)
ISO 15765-4 / SAE J2480 or simply CAN-BUS

If you are not sure of the OBD2 protocol for your vehicle, you can consult the owner’s manual or engine information label in the engine compartment. You can also search online if you need to verify the OBD2 protocol of your car.

Why use an Android OBD2 scanner?

Most of the analysis tools for Android are compatible with the five protocols, but we do not say that each device is compatible with each one. But why choose an Android analysis tool? This has many advantages:

  • Android is known for its plug-and-play features, so it is basically considered a universal platform, similar to Windows for PC. Android phones and tablets can also be used for Bluetooth and Wi Fi OBD2 scanners. We all know that Apple and iOS can only be used in Wi-Fi OBD2 wireless scanners and will not work with Bluetooth. Why? We can all blame Apple for its strict connection and wireless connection protocols.
  • There is a great debate about the popularity (or market share/domain) of Android over iOS. In a recent survey conducted in 2015, Apple’s smart phone subscribers totaled 44%, which was more than the joint subscribers who bought Samsung, LG, Motorola and HTC devices, all of which run on the Android platform. But Android is still popular in the United States and is definitely more dominant overseas. In 2003, the total number of Android shipments worldwide was 70.1%, compared to only 21% for iOS. There is no argument about why Android’s Bluetooth analysis tools are still so popular.
  • Previously we mentioned that the OBD2 tests for Android are very easy to use, which is possible thanks to the impressive number of OBD applications in Google Play. There are free applications that you can use, but like most games in Play Store, you must buy the paid version of the application to enjoy all the hidden functions.

Editor’s Choice: the best Android OBD2 scanner by price

Speaking of applications, it is worth mentioning the main OBD applications that you can use in Android OBD2 scanners, namely:

Torque Pro: the free version is pretty good, but Torque Pro is better. It has customizable dash screens, but you can also design your own template or theme. It also has a dynamometer and a power function that allows you to decide if you can smoke your car on the track but also provides information on the CO2 emissions of vehicles.
OBD Car Tracker: this application is also available for iOS users and is one of the most popular OBD applications for Android analysis tools. This application is different because it can activate alarms and warn you if something unusual happens with your car. You can also control your driving habits and show you how much money you spend every time you decide to smoke your tires at the next crossing.
OBDLink: this application is specially designed for Android and offers graphics in real-time, fuel savings and pressure. You can also check emissions and total fuel consumption. The application itself is now easier to use and is constantly updated to give smoother operation and an easier-to-use control panel.
OBD eZWAY: designed exclusively for Android scanners, this application offers quality GPS tracking and air-fuel ratio monitoring. But what sets it apart is that eZWay will create the personal home page of your car so you can check family travel statistics, daily ratings of car drivers and cost control. gas.

All these applications are excellent, and there are free applications that you can use. But if you need something that not only tracks your fuel consumption or emissions, you need to get a paid version of your favorite OBD2 application. After all, they only cost a few dollars.

We should also mention that some OBD applications will work better if you use an application-specific OBD2 scan tool (such as Bluedriver), but the majority of Android analysis tools designed to interact quite well with any third-party application.

This previous link covers not only applications for Android, but also phones and tablets with iPhone and Windows. Check out!

Introducing the 5 best OBD2 wireless scanners for Android

We have selected 5 of our favorite Android OBD2 analysis tools, both in the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings.

  • BlueDriver Professional – The best global scanning tool for Android OBD2
  • BAFX 34T5 – The best Android OBD2 scanner for the price
  • Foseal WiFi – The best Android WiFi adapter
  • ScanTool 426101 – Best Final
1. BlueDriver Professional

BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBDII Scan Tool -BlueDriver Professional

Scan and erase the Check Engine, ABS, Airbag and Transmission codes! This is the only OBDII adapter officially licensed for Android and Apple. So you know it will work with all the smartphones you have! Fast OBD2 scanner that quickly analyzes cars and trucks built after 1996. Know instantly if you can beat emissions. Access the database of reports that contain more than 4 million vehicle corrections! See live data from the engine and sensor, capture information from frozen images and more!

The BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional analysis tool is not the most expensive, but it is not the cheapest either. But it comes with the reputation of being developed by professional engineers in North America and is officially licensed and certified for Apple and Android devices.
In addition to the price, you must take into account something: this OBDII scanner will work exclusively with the BlueDriver application to guarantee quality. The good news is that the application is free, so you do not have to worry about buying third-party applications separately.

Get the BlueDriver at the lowest price here on Amazon

The BlueDriver Bluetooth professional scanning tool works with all vehicles from 1996, whether imported or domestic cars and trucks. The device is also compatible with the five OBD2 protocols, so it will also work on all new cars. Because this device is of professional quality, you can also view a vehicle-specific repair report that  valuable information, such as code definitions, possible causes of the error code, and informed corrections that you can send by mail. in pdf format. If that is not enough, you can also read and delete improved codes such as ABS, transmission and airbag codes of most Ford, GM Chrysler, and Toyota vehicles.

You can also leave it plugged into the OBD port of your vehicle without worrying about battery discharge. This device offers a lot for the price, but also allows you to finally detect the disturbing cause of this boring control motor light.

If you can afford it (almost 5 times more expensive than others), Bluedriver is the best OBDII adapter for your money!

2. BAFX 34T5

BASF Product Bluetooth Car Diagnostic OBDII - BAFX 34T5

The Bluetooth OBD2 scanner allows you to connect your Android smart phone to your car and help you repair your car! View Live Engine data, read/delete CeL lighting codes, check Freeze-Frame data and more! It works on most vehicles manufactured after 1996. Low-cost OBDII adapter solution!

We added the product BAFX Products 34t5 not because it is the smallest, but it is one of the cheapest in the group. If you are new to the world of OBD2 vehicle scanners, you need to learn about this extraordinary device.

Get the BAFX adapter here on Amazon

The BAFX 34t5 scanning tool for Android works with all vehicles sold in the United States, as long as your vehicle is compatible with the OBD2 protocol (vehicles marketed since 1996). It will also work in the five OBD2 protocols, including CAN-BUS, which is quite common for vehicles manufactured since 1998. This analysis tool is easy to configure and discreetly hidden under the dashboard of your vehicle when it connected

This Android Vehicle Scanner can read and erase diagnostic codes. If you have a control light on your dashboard and have an Android smart phone or tablet, the BAFX 34t5 is an excellent choice. You can read generic and manufacturer-specific codes and analyze the sensor information in real time. Are you a fan of sprinting from one fire to another? This OBD2 scanner will display your ¼ mile times on your Android smart phone or tablet. It works with all Android and Windows devices, and the product comes with a solid 2-year warranty. In addition, it costs less than (see the lowest price here), which in our opinion is quite surprising.

The only warning? If you live outside the United States, you should contact BAFX products to find out if the product works with your type of vehicle. But for American customers, this product designed to work with all models.

Low-cost adapter with warranty and works very well with Torque Pro. For 95% of you, this will be the ideal OBD2 adapter!

3. Foseal WiFi

Car WiFI OBD 2 OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool FOSEAL Scanner WiFii

OBD2 wireless scanner for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.) – Compatible with all major OBD2 protocols (CAN, ISO14230-4, ISO9141-2 and more) – View current vehicle sensor data – Read and cut codes from the engine

Are you looking for a cheap Android scanner with WiFi instead of Bluetooth (and it also works with the iPhone)? I should take a closer look at the Foseal scanner for iOS and Android. Again, as it works through Wi Fi, it will work on any Android / Apple smart phone/tablet. The WIFI car analysis tool works with free and paid applications. It can also display current sensor data, including engine speed, coolant temperature, vehicle speed, and absolute throttle place.

This analysis tool for Android and iOS will work on all known OBD2 protocols. You can read, display and cut diagnostic codes, generic and manufacturer-specific problem codes. In addition, you can look up the meaning of fault codes in a database that has more than 3,000 definitions of generic codes.

This is probably one of the cheapest WiFi Android scanners we’ve tested, and there’s no doubt about its features. We appreciate the fact that it works with paid and free versions of any third-party application. If you are looking for a discounted OBD2 scanner, this is an exceptional option.

Bluetooth wireless adapters like BAFX and Bluedriver, but this scanner works for Apple products and costs $ 2 less than the BAFX!

4. ScanTool 426101

OBDLink OBD2 Scanner Max Bluetooth- Professional ScanTool 426101

Synchronize your Android phone with your car and make it a useful tool for more than just watching cats. The last OBD2 tool you will need will work with all OBD2 protocols. Battery Saver technology allows you to leave it connected 24 hours a day. / 24 and 7/7

The Bluetooth ScanTool OBDLink MX 426101 designed to work only with Android and Windows. You can convert your PC or your ordinary smart phone into a professional analysis tool. You can leave this device connected even if you turn off the engine and lock the car. This innovative battery-saving technology instantly ignites the unit when you turn the engine on and off when the vehicle is not in use.

The ScanTool OBDLink MX 426201 is the fastest Bluetooth wireless scanner on the market that can accelerate applications and software by up to 400%. It also uses a multilayer link security mechanism that prevents unauthorized intrusion into the Bluetooth network. The device comes with its own OBDLink application for Android (and OBDWiz for Windows), but it will also work in other third-party applications.

This device costs more than other Bluetooth scanners, but it is also faster than others. This means that you get sensor data in real-time when your pedal lands and can accurately display fuel consumption data while driving. The device is also quite small and discreet and will work on all 1996+ vehicles sold in the US. UU Since it supports the five OBD-II protocols.

It’s more expensive than the BAFX and the Foseal, but if you want an adapter that you can leave plugged in permanently, get it!

5. iSaddle OBDI2 OBDII wireless WIFI scan tool

iSaddle WIFI Wireless OBD2 OBDII Scan Tool

The iSaddle is essentially a renewed Foseal scanner and we suggest you buy the Foseal instead.

The latest on our list is the wireless scan tool OBD2 iSaddle WiFi. What makes it better than other vehicle scanners. It is that it runs on Android, Windows, and iOS since it uses Wi-Fi to communicate with your device. Of course, you need a decent Internet speed to get satisfactory results. But its price is remarkable for this OBD2 WiFi scanner.

The device is compatible with all OBD2 protocols, including CAN-BUS. It will work on your pre-2000 Honda and on your 2010 Ford. It will work on most third-party Android OBD applications, but the manufacturer recommends using paid versions for trouble-free compatibility.

The ISaddle WiFi Android and iOS scanners can read generic and manufacturer-specific problem codes. You can also show the meaning of trouble codes. So you know immediately what is bothering your car. The database has more than 3,000 generic fault codes, which makes it easy to decide the cause of this annoying control light on your console.

You can clear fault codes, display current sensor data and check the air flow of your motor. This may seem too much for the average Joe, but for the car enthusiast, this product is nirvana.


In our list of the best Android analysis tools, you may have noticed that the price does not necessarily show the quality or usefulness of the product. You can buy a low-cost Android analysis tool with the same number of features you’ll find in the most expensive vehicle scanners. Although the most expensive ones offer a variety of other functions you might want or need) in an OBD2 vehicle scanner. We hope that this guide of the best OBD2 analysis tool for Android will help you find the right scanner for you. Do you need an analysis tool for Windows or iOS? Take a look at our buying guide for the best OBD2 scanner