The world’s most expensive diamond is going to the auction

Large size pink diamond, the light is coming out from his body. Such a diamond is now at the top of the discussion. This diamond near the 19-carat weight is just as rare as the rare. This diamond is going to the auction in Geneva. The auction will be held in Geneva on 13 November for auctioned historic items Christis.

Gems hopes, the price of Bangladeshi currencies can rise from around 350 million to 418 million. Due to its nobility, this diamond named ‘The Pink Legacy’. Prior to this, so many expensive and traditional gems did not go to the auction because their claim was that they are not in the auction.

Usually, most pink diamonds are underweight in a single carat. The diamond’s weight and luminosity are so much that experts say it is ‘rare’. The color of this diamond of the square will also leave behind all other diamonds.

The pink diamond is very rare, and its weight is also surprised by the game makers. Earlier, a 15-carat diamond rose in an auction in Hong Kong in November of 2017. In that case, the cost per carate is approximately 18 crore taka. So far it was known as the most expensive diamond in auction history.

In 2013, a diamond weighing about 60 crores auctioned, for which the cost of the carat was about 11 crore taka.

For now, this precious diamond is under the supervision of Geneva’s Oppenheimer family. For the past ten years, this family is the head of the Day Beers Diamond Mining Company. However, they refuse to recognize the present owner of this diamond.

Gene Diamond has claimed that this diamond has been found almost a hundred years before any of the ore mines in South Africa, Gene Mark Gonzales Mark Lunel According to him, this is the world’s best diamond.

According to him, by 1920, this diamond cut to 19-carat weight. Gems and experts are waiting for Aadhi’s interest in the highest value of the world’s highest diamond on 13th.

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