BAFX Products Bluetooth Car Diagnostic | OBDII Reader Scanner | OBD Scan Tool for Android

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  • OUR WARRANTY: We promise that our OBDII Drive will work on ALL vehicles purchased in the US. UU., Model 1996 or newer! Unlike many other less expensive OBD II readers who say they will work on vehicles that use the J1850 or CAN protocol, but they do not, ours will work on them and we promise! Whether your vehicle is gas, diesel or hybrid, new or old, our OBD player will work with it. Many people buy at first cheap, but always end up buying ours because ours works!
  • WARRANTY – 2 YEAR WARRANTY (YES, 2!) – Covers manufacturing defects from the date of purchase. A simple and worry-free guarantee process with assistance in the US UU It will leave you quiet so you can concentrate on the maintenance and health of your car.
  • MONITOR AND ANALYZER: The OBD scanner from BAFX Products is an indispensable tool for your car. With it, you can read and clear your engine’s indicator (CEL) and check your vehicle’s monitors, such as the O2 sensors, the fuel setting, the fuel ratio, the DPF temperature, the coolant temperature, and the oil temperature. , fuel pressure and much more! Professional level diagnosis at a really reasonable price.
  • MARKS OF APPLICATIONS AND CARS: you must use a third-party application with our analysis tool. Many applications are available in prices ranging from 0 to 40 USD, such as Couple, Dash Orders, Carista, Scan Master, Piston and more. Contact BAFX for a complete list. Whatever the brand of your vehicle, our OBD player will work! Chevrolet, Ford, BMW, Lexus, Toyota, Nissan, Subaru, Honda, Mercedes, GM, Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep and more, all covered!
  • IMPORTANT: You must have an Android or Windows device to use our Bluetooth OBD2 player. Our OBD player CAN NOT be used with iOS devices like iPhones, etc. For iPhones and iPads, please check our WiFi version! In addition, this unit does NOT read the AirBag, ABS, TPMS indicator lights or oil change. Our diagnostic tool only reads the LED codes of the verification engine.


$22.99 BAFX Products Bluetooth Car Diagnostic OBDII Reader Scanner OBD Scan Tool for Android.

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