Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons News, 0dds, Predicti0ns and Preview

Milwaukee Bucks (19-9) vs Detroit Pistons (14-13) Live | Monday, December 17, 2018 at 7:00 pm at Little Caesars Arena.

The Detroit Pistons ended a freefall by eliminating a candidate for the Eastern Conference on Saturday, but starting a series of victories will mean beating another team in search of the first place in the conference. The Pistons will try to resolve Giannis Antetokounmpo and win consecutive victories by hosting the Milwaukee Bucks on Monday.

Detroit lost six consecutive games and dropped to .500 before recovering with two games in a 113-104 victory over the Boston Celtics, while Reggie Bullock (ankle) returned from five games to give essential spacing. . “It opens up a lot of ground,” Blake Griffin, a Piston star, told reporters about the health of Bullock and his partner Luke Kennard. “You have to respect these guys from anywhere and both are able to put him on the floor, go to the hole and play games, which gives us only two more weapons that people need to know.” The Milwaukee Bucks started a six-race seven-en route with a loss to Indiana on Wednesday but recovered by defeating Cleveland 114-102 on Friday when Antetokounmpo escaped a brief crisis and accumulated 44 points.

TV: 7 pm Eastern Time, FS Wisconsin (Milwaukee), FS Detroit

Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons: Odds

Detroit Pistons +3.5 – Over / Under

Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons: News
THE BUCKS (19-9):

Antetokounmpo scored 12 points, the lowest of the season, but he only fired six shots in the loss to Indiana, but he still had seven assists and was particularly proud of his ability to find teammates. open team. “Since I was small, I was not a good scorer, I was not a good runner, I could not bounce well, but all I could do was find men Open,” Antetokounmpo told reporters. “It’s something I’m working on all my life, if a guy asks me at this moment what my talent is, is my talent, finds open guys, sees everyone on the floor and coach Bud wants.” I do that and I’ll continue doing it all year. “Antetokounmpo leads the Bucks score (26.6), bounces (13.2) and passes (6.1).

THE PISTONS (14-13):

If Bullock, Kennard and little forward Stanley Johnson are in good health while stimulating the team on both sides, the center game, André Drummond, in the middle, is the key to the defense. Drummond finished with 19 points, 20 rebounds, five blocks and three interceptions on Saturday, his second consecutive game with five blocked shots. “There was a late move, Marcus Smart had a little overlap, and I went to (Drummond) and said ‘No more,'” Griffin told reporters. “‘Somebody has to cross your chest or on you and they can not do it either.” After the game, Jayson Tatum went to look for a pin and everyone saw it (Drummond blocks it).

Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons: Betting
  • PG Bucks Malcolm Brogdon (hamstring) and SF Khris Middleton (on the finger) were sitting on Friday and are in today.
  • Detroit C Zaza Pachulia (illness) is questionable for Monday.
  • Milwaukee beat Detroit 115-92 at home on December 5, 27 points behind PG Eric Bledsoe.
Milwaukee Bucks vs Detroit Pistons: Predictions

Bucks 108, Pistons 105

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