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The Flash will return on Tuesday, February 5 with “Goldfaced”. See how you can watch season 5, episode 13 online.

Episode 13 of Flash Season 5 Online: Goldfaced

Flash Season 5, episode 13 live: watch online

In no time, the flash is back. This time, with its episode 13 of season 5 titled “Goldfaced”, it will air on Tuesday, February 5 and the battle between Team Flash and Cicada will continue. The secret association of Nora West Allen with Eobard Thawne is left.


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In “Memorabilia”, she took Nora to Grace to get access to her memories. All the Flash team could do to defeat Cicada, who wants to kill all the Metahumans after the accident to finish the fourth season.

It was the original plan of Barry and Iris, but they ended up in Nora. They explored the Flash Museum and discovered Nora’s interesting defense mechanism: the inverted flash. Of course, the couple who are fighting Flash’s crime did not connect, but that indicates that Nora is working with Thawne.

However, this will happen in “Goldfaced”? They can only shoot for a long time, especially if Sherlock Wells only discovers this problem. In “Memorabilia” he was about to make a discovery, but he took an amazing retreat at the last second.

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In the mean time for the plans of this episode, look in the flash team Goldface, a villain of DC Comics, that comes alive. What dangers will you find on the road?

The details on how to watch season 5, episode 13 of The Flash listed below. This includes start time, TV news, live streaming and more:

Date: Tuesday, February 5.
Time: 8:00 am ET
Season: 5
Episode: 13 “Goldface”
TV News: The CW
Live broadcast: CWTV.com

Moreover, “Memorabilia” will be broadcast as usual on The CW. CWTV.com will receive a feed on Wednesday and will be available for the next five weeks.

The flash must contain its usual and interesting phenomena. But what happens on Tuesday night when the fifth season reaches its half?

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