The Flash Season 5 Episode 13 0nLinE & FuLL~Tv!!

How can you watch this week’s episode 13 of The Flash Season 5 online?

This week’s episode of The Flash Season 5 Episode 13 seems to pavé the way for a new comic (known) character. Goldface was primarily a villain of the Green Lantern, but then moved to the city center and met The Flash.


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The new Goldface character fits perfectly. Technically he can be a villain, but in this story, he sounds more like a mercenary. Not respectful of the law, of course. But only one step on the road to defeat Cicada. In the comics, The Flash and Goldface crossed because the latter had the habit of seizing criminal gangs and others. Essentially, it is the same for those who would use destructive tools in a black market. He and Ralph might even have some history together, and that would not be interesting.

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The gang almost stopped the crusade of the cicadas during the last episode. Getting to him helping Grace should have worked. Unfortunately, Grace did not leave them. She also seems very anti-meta, but if she listened to everyone who was unconscious, she could influenced in the same way as her uncle or could have something more sinister. You will just have to wait and see.

The promotion of the episode clearly indicates that the characters are throwing themselves into Ralph’s world. Ralph’s life was not revealed until he came to the CCP, but it is clear that he did not live totally on the right path.

If and when Ralph and Barry take advantage of this tool to stop Cicada, what will it be? It is not about using dark matter due to Cicada’s power dagger. And it does not seem that Barry has a plan beyond “stopping the cicada by any means necessary.”

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