The bachelor Season 23 Episode 3 Drama

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How to Watch The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3 (S23E3) Online on 21 January 2019???

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3: Story Line Overview

Eight women do at a pirate-themed dinner show; Elyse and Colton travel to San Diego; actor Terry Crews and his wife, Rebecca King-Crews, train singles to train for the strongest female competition, while Fred Willard comments.

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We’re back with a new episode of The Bachelor, and tonight, we’re focusing on the battle beauty queens: Hannah B. and Caelynn.Will your rivalry force Colton Underwood to make his most shocking decision to date? This is what happened in season 23, third episode of The Bachelor.

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3: Pirate date only Aye Aye captain!

The first group card group arrives at the mansion and goes to Courtney, Caelynn Demi Hannah B., Heather, Katie, Kirpa and Tracy. This time the women¬†escorted on a stage known for “the pirate’s dinner adventure.” (Think of medieval times with a nautical touch.)

Upon arrival, the Underwood hosts with a complete stage production and congratulate the team of specialists¬†involved … for once. Once the women dressed, interpreters guide them through a pirate tutorial. You know, if he ever hired Disney.

Demi said: “The job of a hacker is to fly, and I’m here to steal Colton’s heart.” Barf.

Caelynn and Tracy¬†chosen to compete for the coveted title of “First Companion Underwood”, while other competitors¬†forced to watch from the “poop”.

Of course, one can go out a single as a victorious challenge, and that person is Caelynn.

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3: Hannah bachelor B Katelynn THE DRAMA (beauty) QUEENS

At night, Demi shows that he is still as immature as ever. After Tracy goes down to “being an older woman,” she flies Underwood, blindfolded and then plays the game “nerves.” (If you know, you know.)

“I’m going to excel, so all of them will form and recover,” he said.

The rest of the night revolves around two competitors: Hannah B. and Caelynn. ICYMI: It was known before participating in the series, as they involved in both the Miss USA. Caelynn (Miss North Carolina) was the first finalist and Hannah B. (Miss Alabama) has not taken.

Therefore, it is not surprising that Hannah B. spends most of the night to criticize Caelynn, saying Underwood she has a “hostile” aura.

“It’s the person that I’m a friend a different personality from the girl,” he said before giving him an ultimatum accidentally.

When faced with Underwood Caelynn defends before revealing that the story requires delving into his past and that he does not feel comfortable telling him … for now.

At the proper moment, Underwood gets up, picks up the rose and gives Caelynn. One word: clumsy.

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3: Elyse one at a time the particular

Elyse, who remembered as the “puma” (her words) of episode two, is the winner of the face-to-face meeting this week. In his true undergraduate form, Underwood took him by helicopter to San Diego, where they¬†deposited without any hassles at the theme park, Belmont Park.

Meanwhile, Underwood reveals a technically important bomb a “group” date. After the mental breakdown of Elyse, the 26-year-old says they¬†accompanied by children from local charities. Phew.

Later, the date takes a serious turn when Elyse tells a tragic story of her family. She reveals that her sister diagnosed with cancer shortly after learning she was pregnant. Even though she gave birth to a healthy baby, she, unfortunately, died soon after.

After giving her the rose, Elyse Underwood surprises with an impromptu country music performance offered by Tenille Artes.

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3: Cake Colton Underwood push the only The strongest woman COLTON

For the last episode date, eight women – Caitlin Cassie Catalina, Nicole, Nina, Onyeka, Sydney, and Tayshia – undergo the tear-resistance test, all thanks to Terry Crews and wife Rebecca KING-Crews.

The duo leads competitors by a warm front moves to a three-match competition, which consists of a “ring reversal”, a “push cake” and “limo pull”. how they sound.)

The three finalists – Catalina, Onyeka, and Sydney – will receive a final competition: the “heavy heart for” race. At the end of the day, “stronger person woman” trophy returns to Onyeka.

Later that night, Underwood faces another dilemma when Caitlin is completely bored. She says that she can think of a “decisive moment” in her life, she should talk to him, creating an awkward silence that she needs to see to believe.

In a conversation with the producers, Underwood said: “Although I wanted to develop and develop my relationship with Caitlin tonight, I just did not feel it.”

At this point, he sends her home before returning to the group and gives Nicole the rose.

The Bachelor Season 23 Episode 3: Shirtless Colwood Underwood HANNAH SC’s SCRAMBLE

Chris Harrison reveals that there will be no cocktail before the rose ceremony. Instead, there will be a party at the pool. (Because we have not seen enough of Underwood without a shirt).

Meanwhile, Hannah B. is desperate to “clean the air” and improve her relationship with Underwood.

“My tank of rage is full and the beast is about to leave,” he told Heather before grunting like a bear.

But before she can, he sits with Caelynn, who does not waste time sharing his pennies about Miss Alabama.

She explains that Hannah B. has a “pattern of behavior” that includes “manipulation” and “deception.” Although she does not want to focus on what happened between her and Hannah B., Caelynn felt the need, to¬†honest with her. frenemy

When Underwood confronts Hannah B., he reveals that his character interrogated and sent to Caelynn.

“I’m afraid he just trusts me, I’m telling you the truth,” says Hannah B. before Underwood runs away.

Underwood returns Bri, Catherine, and Nina to the rose ceremony.

There is a “date two against one” written on it. The bachelor will return to ABC on Monday, January 28 at 8 pm.