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The latter deviated from 2.5 in the first bets, with some testing in Patriots -2 before retiring half a point higher. It remained stable at 2.5 points since January 22, with an overwhelming proportion of money betting on New England.

The big money, however, has begun to arrive late, and perhaps surprisingly, is coming to Los Angeles. According to an ESPN article, MGM Resorts has wagered $ 2 million on the Rams’ money line, prompting a series of large cash games in the NFC champions on the silver line on Friday with William Hill receiving a $ 1 million game and the South Point Casino for $ 300,000, with the three bets offered by Rams +120.

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The article also describes the origin of the pieces as “Better X”, which devastated sports betting last year by beating the Houston Astros in the World Series and the Eagles in the Super Bowl last year.

On Saturday, there was a seven-figure bet on the Patriots -2.5, according to MGM, the first of the three bets with a value of at least $ 1 million to be AFC champion.

According to Vegas Insider, the distribution of money between the Patriots is 72-28, while the options of the currency line increased to 75-25 in favor of New England at 18:15. CST on Saturday, February 2.

Some books, William Hill and, more recently, The Golden Nugget, suggest that the Patriots in -3 try to attract money to the Rams, but the consensus continues stubbornly keeping the Patriots -2.5 on Monday night. William Hill returned to the Patriots -2.5 on Friday. An interesting move took place on Thursday afternoon at Wynn in the other direction, with a line going from Patriots -2 to Patriots -2, but also returning to 2.5 on Friday.

The over/under has also seen an action since it opened at 58 points. On the night of January 20, he quickly climbed to 59 at the beginning of the game and was quickly beaten to 58, where he remained stable for most of January 21.

This number played on the night of January 22 to 23, with an action that brought the score to 57.5 points. The bettors tried to put him back in 58 in action on Tuesday morning, but they did not have the strength to move on. 57.5 has thus become the figure of Wednesday.

Since January 23, the bettors have played their turn. First, they pushed the line to 57 on Thursday and another half point to 56.5 on Saturday night. He stayed there all week.

In turn, the percentage of money on the rise has increased steadily, and until Thursday night, this share has reached 47-53 percentage points compared to the Vegas Insider.

One bet worth seeing is the sports bookmaker who hopes that someone other than Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald will win the MVP title. Originally a 70-1, the actions were enough to cut the odds to 15-1, remembering the memories of Von Miller affirming the honors of the most valuable player of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 and soaking the book.

The week before the game we will see how the return game tries to challenge the highest level in Super Bowl history, set at 57 for Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 between New Orleans and Indianapolis and matched two years ago by New England and Atlanta.

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The latter deviated from 2.5 in the first bets, with some testing in Patriots -2 before retiring half a point higher. It remained stable at 2.5 points since January 22, with an overwhelming proportion of money betting on New England.

The big money, however, has begun to arrive late, and perhaps surprisingly, is coming to Los Angeles. According to an ESPN article, MGM Resorts has wagered $ 2 million on the Rams’ money line, prompting a series of large cash games in the NFC champions on the silver line on Friday with William Hill receiving a $ 1 million game and the South Point Casino for $ 300,000, with the three bets offered by Rams +120.

The article also describes the origin of the pieces as “Better X”, which devastated sports betting last year by beating the Houston Astros in the World Series and the Eagles in the Super Bowl last year.

On Saturday, there was a seven-figure bet on the Patriots -2.5, according to MGM, the first of the three bets with a value of at least $ 1 million to be AFC champion.

According to Vegas Insider, the distribution of money between the Patriots is 72-28, while the options of the currency line increased to 75-25 in favor of New England at 18:15. CST on Saturday, February 2.

Some books, William Hill and, more recently, The Golden Nugget, suggest that the Patriots in -3 try to attract money to the Rams, but the consensus continues stubbornly keeping the Patriots -2.5 on Monday night. William Hill returned to the Patriots -2.5 on Friday. An interesting move took place on Thursday afternoon at Wynn in the other direction, with a line going from Patriots -2 to Patriots -2, but also returning to 2.5 on Friday.

The over/under has also seen an action since it opened at 58 points. On the night of January 20, he quickly climbed to 59 at the beginning of the game and was quickly beaten to 58, where he remained stable for most of January 21.

This number played on the night of January 22 to 23, with an action that brought the score to 57.5 points. The bettors tried to put him back in 58 in action on Tuesday morning, but they did not have the strength to move on. 57.5 has thus become the figure of Wednesday.

Since January 23, the bettors have played their turn. First, they pushed the line to 57 on Thursday and another half point to 56.5 on Saturday night. He stayed there all week.

In turn, the percentage of money on the rise has increased steadily, and until Thursday night, this share has reached 47-53 percentage points compared to the Vegas Insider.

One bet worth seeing is the sports bookmaker who hopes that someone other than Rams defensive lineman Aaron Donald will win the MVP title. Originally a 70-1, the actions were enough to cut the odds to 15-1, remembering the memories of Von Miller affirming the honors of the most valuable player of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl 50 and soaking the book.

The week before the game we will see how the return game tries to challenge the highest level in Super Bowl history, set at 57 for Super Bowl XLIV in 2010 between New Orleans and Indianapolis and matched two years ago by New England and Atlanta.

(Add this page to favorites, as there will be a full breakdown of both teams with quotes from players and coaches, videos, statistical analysis of both teams and betting trends, and many more.) Later this week and every day of the week before Super Bowl LIII!)

A quick summary of the season so far
Review of the New England Patriots

Remember that when the Patriots (13-5) started season 1-2 with consecutive losses in Jacksonville and Detroit and everyone was talking about Brady being too old, Belichick should not have left. Matt Patricia assumes the work of the lions. New England was finally vulnerable?

Good times, huh?

Well, the more things change, the more they stay the same in Foxborough. New England won its tenth consecutive title in the AFC East, won the title of the conference title for the eighth consecutive year and qualified for the fifth consecutive Super Bowl title after defeating Kansas City 37-31 in The Road in the Extension Sunday night.

Brady, as he did throughout his career in the first-round Hall of Fame, chose his team when they needed it the most. On two occasions, he gave the Patriots the advantage in the last-minute of regulation 3:32 in a frantic fourth quarter in which they scored 38 points.

The announcer then made 75 yards at New England with the first goal in overtime, throwing the first pass down in three separate games in the third and tenth. Rex Burkhead made sure Kansas City did not have another chance to extend the game when they returned to the two-meter zone for the winning touchdown.

“When 70,000 people cheer you up, it’s great to win on the road, it’s kind of hard to do in the NFL,” Brady said after taking New England to its first road win in the AFC title since winning the NFL. San Diego Chargers of 2007. “It’s certainly a difficult thing to do against the first.” Team classified at the conference that played well all year and certainly good at home, we knew it would take a lot, obviously took overtime, took good games and good conversions, just proud to do the job. ”

New rookie Sony Michel had 29 yards on the ground and 113 yards on the ground. This is a key element of the strategy to keep the Kansas City offense. The Patriots finished with 48 yards on 176 yards while holding the ball for 39 minutes in regulation time.

Five different players captured at least four passes. Julian Edelman led the way with seven receptions for 96 yards. Veteran Rob Gronkowski racked up six receptions for 79 yards, nothing more than his third and tenth of 15 yards in overtime that brought the ball to Kansas City 15.

“It’s practice and mutual knowledge: knowing that in such situations you can take the challenge, I have to go and do the game,” Gronkowski said after becoming the first tight end to reach 1,000 yards for the playoff. “It’s the crucial moment: you play or you’re done, you’re out of the playoffs, it’s huge, it’s the confidence we have in each other, we love to play with each other, only the link that binds us must always be in the same page when we need it, it’s huge. ”

In a purely Belichick attack, cornerback Stephon Gilmore took on the challenge of covering Chiefs forward Travis Kelce and limited him to three receptions for 23 yards. While New England allowed Patrick Mahomes to throw 295 yards, he only completed 16 of 31 passes and sacked four times.

“He likes to push a lot, I probably use my feet more and hit him because he wants you to exercise with him,” Gilmore told the Providence newspaper. “I will not allow it, you must be able to adjust during the game, you never know who will be hot at that moment, I did it, it was good for us.

Review of Los Angeles Rams

In the first game of the championship on Sunday, the Rams (15-3) showed many reasons why they were part of the Super Bowl. They defeated the Saints 26-23 after being eliminated with two digits in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome in New Orleans. in extra time

The race that seemed so dominant against Dallas in the divisional round failed in New Orleans. Gurley reduced to the rank of player and the last rookie of the season, C.J. Anderson, did not stand out from the strong defense against the race.

It fell on Goff and the defense of the Rams, which burned the Saints by 45 points in the first meeting between the teams, to strengthen, and both met. Goff finished with 295 yards and a touchdown and two overtime ends in overtime to allow Greg Zuerlein to score the decisive 57-yard goal.

Of course, this goal is not attempted without the interception of Drew Brees by John Johnson III in the first possession of overtime, a game made possible by Dante Fowler hitting the quarterback.

“Drew Brees still had the ball in his hand and looked down, as he always does, good quarterbacks always,” Fowler told the Rams’ official website. “But I think he did not see me, he saw me at the last-minute, he tried to throw it away and I saw his hand, it was too late.

“It was like a ball,” Johnson said. “I was just trying to catch it before the receiver broke it, and I know I had to make sure, it was overtime, it was doing or dying, so I was happy to have caught it.

However, it should be kept in mind that none of these things would have happened without one of the most painful lost penalties in the history of the NFL playoffs. Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman beat Saints wide receiver, Tommylee Lewis, long before a Brees pass emerged. He even hit Lewis’s helmet in a third attempt with a remaining time of 1:49.

None of the transgressions reported, which would have led to a first fall for the saints from the depths of the Rams’ territory. This would have allowed New Orleans to waste all its time before attempting a possible investment.

Instead, New Orleans took the lead with 1:45 to play and the Rams had a timeout. It turned out that Goff’s time was not enough for Zuerlein to equalize with 19 goals to score with a 48-yard field goal.

Brandin Cooks, who was part of the Patriots last season before being classified in the fourth round by the Rams in April, finished with a record of seven receptions and 107 yards. Los Angeles added 378 yards after being limited to five of his first two possessions.

“I think we could see ourselves play and score,” Well, these guys are good, but we can play them “and we’re also a good team,” Goff said. “I think some of the deep bullets that we found and some of the things we found on the ground have allowed us to settle down, allow me to settle down safely and realize, somehow, ‘OK, we’re good’, just relax and play our game. ”

New England Patriots offensive against Los Angeles Rams Defense
Running the ball: who has the advantage?
New England Patriots speed offensive

Lies, damn lies and statistics about running New England with Brady under the center of the Super Bowl: the Patriots are 3-0 in seasons when they had a 1,000-yard, 2-year or 3-year run.

Warning: although Sony Michel finished with less than 1,000 yards (931 yards), he would have cleared the goal if he had not missed three games due to an injury.

In addition, Michel played like a star more than a rookie in his first two playoff games. He accumulated 242 yards in both victories, surpassing 100 points for each victory. He averaged 4.6 yards per race, had eight runs of 10 yards or more in his 53 runs and had only been stopped by one loss twice, for a combined total of two yards.

Michel already set a rookie record in the NFL in the playoffs with five touchdowns, which are also the biggest runners since a half-ball from Terrell Davis in 1997. What was interesting in the game for the AFC title is that Michel he received exactly two hits in the last three important New England possessions, even though one was his 10-yard run in 4th and 1st place after Brady had run away from the original game.

The decision to play in Burkhead was something that offensive coördinator Josh McDaniels minimized as personnel decisions and shocks while highlighting the positive results of the last round choice.

“He has a career style that has really allowed us to be a physical soccer team,” McDaniels said in a conference call Tuesday. “He’s very, very willing to take part in the blitz collection, he’s an intelligent guy who knows what his missions are and what his rules are, he can play the passing game … He was able to add element to our game with respect to its hardness and its style of game that we appreciate. ”

While Michel carries most of the test wood for the New England ground game, Burkhead has shown he can not be forgotten with his performances in tough times in Kansas City. It used a little less compared to last season and a little less effective when comparing year by year with the plot. But after his two touchdowns against the Chiefs, he must be considered for betting accessories for this game.

White is the intermediary, he used to both to spell Michel, while his main function is to catch passers-by outside the field. He should also have been the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl LI after catching 14 passes for 110 yards and scoring three touchdowns and a 2 point conversion against Atlanta, but the fourth will lose the loot.

New England beat the defenses in their two playoff victories, running the ball 82 times. In addition to his protection against stellar passes, his offensive line shot up in the running game: more than 30% of these runs accounted for the first attempts and 10 added 10 yards or more. The three games that lost distance lost only one meter at a time.

For McDaniels and the Patriots, an extra week to prepare is like discovering a lot of information. They can design test games to be successful, both based on what they do and disprove what the Rams did well in the late defensive game. There is still a rookie X factor in the Super Bowl, but Michel stuck in the playoffs and has a solid support team to get it back if it bottled.

Los Angeles Rams running defense

Throughout the regular season, the Rams’ defense against the race was their biggest weakness as a team. They ranked 23rd in licensed yards (1,957), but what people surrounded by red ink and highlighted with bright colors was their worst in the NFL with 5.07 yards allowed per race.

In terms of perspective, this was the highest average in league history since the 2013 Chicago Bears beat 5.35 yards per race. This team finished 8-8 and yielded 94 points more than the 374 in Los Angeles.

So how did the Rams go from 5.07 yards per race to 2.28 in wins over Dallas – with the NFL’s best forward Ezekiel Elliott – and New Orleans, who has one of the tandems in the outdoors? The most effective league? with Mark Ingram and Alvin Kamara?

Suh, 32, is on his first chance to win a ring in nine seasons in the NFL. He is happy to be on the winning side after three empty playoff trips with Detroit and Miami. His post-season performance justified the Rams’ one-year contract last spring for $ 14.5 million.

“Being in Detroit, losing seasons, winning seasons, participating in the playoffs and losing all the time,” Suh ​​told USA Today. “It will solidify if I can score 3-3, it would be a dream come true.”

All of Donald’s attention attracts Donald’s attention and Defense Coordinator Wade Phillips is also doing a good job of aligning Suh on the line so they can not hit him. While Donald gets double and triple teams, regardless of pitch and distance, Suh is free to interrupt his career. When Donald manages to get rid of his blocks, the defense of the Rams deflates at great speed.

If Suh and Donald engaged, this allows all linebacker, Corey Littleton, to clean up everything. The Rams linebacker group shares some similarities with the Los Angeles Chargers: it is too small and fast with safely converted and can move to the ball in groups.

Of course, everyone saw what New England did to this Los Angeles team in the divisional round of the CAF, but Phillips also saw many Patriots players during his days in Denver and during other stops as an NFL player. for life, so expect some wrinkles in your system, as Belichick does.

“The plan is the same,” Belichick told NESN. “I mean, I do not think he changed his scheme, Wade does a great job using his staff and putting his players in a place to be productive and play, so when he got to Von Miller (in Denver), he did not change what He did, he just changed the volume and the percentages to emphasize a player like this, Aaron Donald or whoever.

Notable precipitating statistics.

An offense of the New England Patriots.

New England Patriots – 2,037 rushing yards (5th.)

127.3 rushing yards per game (5th)
478 reeds (3rd)
29.9 reeds per game (3rd)
4.26 yards per race (20)
18 hits on the ground (T-4º)

Precipitous individual statistics

Sony Michel – 209 reeds / 931 yards / 4.45 yards per run / 6 TD
James White – 94/425 / 4.52 / 5
Cordarrelle Patterson – 42/228 / 5.43 / 1
Rex Burkhead – 57/186 / 3.26 / 0
Julian Edelman – 9/107 / 11.89 / 0
Kenjon Barner – 19/71 / 3.74 / 0
Tom Brady – 23/35 / 1.52 / 2
Phillip Dorsett – 4/29 / 7.25 / 0
Jeremy Hill – 4/25 / 6.25 / 0
James Develin – 6/8 / 1.33 / 4
Brian Hoyer – 11 / -8 / -0,73 / 0

Los Angeles Rams Defense

Los Angeles Rams – 1,957 yards allowed (23)
122.3 rushing yards allowed per game (23)
386 rushes of opponents (23)
24.1 opposing reeds per game (23)
5.07 yards per opponent (32º)
12 defensive touchdowns (10 under)

Individual defensive statistics

Corey Littleton – 90 Solo / 35 Attendance / 125 total / 3 Things / 9 TFL
John Johnson III – 81/37/118 / 1.5 / 3
Lamarcus Joyner – 58/20/78 / 1.5 / 3
Mark Barron – 43/17/60 / 1.5 / 3
Aaron Donald – 9/41/9/25
Ndamukong Suh – 36/23/59 / 0.5 / 4
Michael Brockers – 33/21/54 / 3.5 / 4
Marcus Peters – 10/33/43/0/0
Samson Ebukam – 24/15/39 / 1.5 / 6
Nickell Robey-Coleman – 11/24/35/0/3
Troy Hill – 5/29/34/0/1
Marqui Christian – 7/26/33 / 0.5 / 1
Ramik Wilson – 9/22/31/2/3/3
Aqib Talib – 5/18/23/0/0/0
Dante Fowler Jr. – 6/15/21/2/4
Sam Shields – 3/16/19/1/1
Matt Longacre – 8/9/17/1/0

Who has the advantage?

McDaniels does well to stay with something that is successful. Given that Michel accumulated almost all of his yards against Kansas City in three-quarters or more, it took a bit of courage for Burkhead to enter the game and put it in motion, but that was what made the Patriots so successful in the game. Super Bowl: they have never slavishly used a game plan.

If something works, they will continue running until the opponent finds a way to stop it and then continue with the next step.

The way the Patriots deal with Donald will be a thing to keep in mind, but at the same time, his offensive line has made the playoffs light, both in terms of blocking the race and blocking passes. There is still some skepticism among the Rams who invent a third dominant performance against the race and, for now, the Patriots have the advantage.

Advantage: New England Patriots
Air assault: who has the upper hand?
Patriots in New England commit an offense

The equivalent of more than two full seasons (39 games) of the playoffs for Brady equals half of a season of Super Bowl games. He had 2,576 yards and 18 touchdowns, two all-time Super Bowl records, versus only five interceptions. Brady has pitched more than one INT in just one of these competitions and has scored at least 300 yards in each of his last three appearances.

Although he scored as many interceptions in the playoffs, two, he passed the 300-yard mark in both games and made 71.1% of his passes. Brady had winning games in both games, with the three conversions reduced against Kansas City in overtime to a total of 20 of 33, with 33 percent success.

He has not yet been fired, which is a testimony of our veteran and an offensive line that culminates at the right time.

“He’s the GOAT man, one of the best, a very competitive guy and a real offensive coördinator in the field,” Rams and Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib said at the venue. Official page of the Rams on January 24.

One of the most notable pieces of the New England vertical pass attack, contrary to what White was trying to fool, allowed McDaniels to overload Edelman and Gronkowski on the same side and force the opposing defense to make a quick adjustment to cancel and try your luck in one blanket and the other.

This helped Edelman and Gronkowski to hold this third reception during overtime.

“You know it every time you get the best of him, regardless of the situation, and that’s what makes playing with him fun, he’s doing football the best he can,” Gronkowski told MassLive about Brady. “Because you know you have a guy who knows almost every situation and will put us in the best situations every time he goes out on the field to give us the chance to win, in every game we play.”

However, paying too much attention to Edelman and Gronkowski could be expensive. Chris Hogan is a good choice for the New England passing game and has important assets. In both appearances in the Super Bowl, he had 10 assists for 185 yards and 14.3 yards on average at the point of capture.

Against the Eagles last year, three of their six receptions scored more than 25 yards.

“I’ve been lucky enough to live this two or three times, so I know how it goes and I’m focused on what I’m supposed to concentrate on and play against the Rams,” Hogan told Boston Herald.

“You know you will receive a lot of information and that you have to manage it as best you can as quickly as possible. When you arrive in Atlanta, you concentrate on what you need to do as a team and continue to prepare for these guys.”

And then there’s White, who burst onto the scene with his 14-game record against Atlanta two years ago, a mark he beat against the Chargers in the divisional round with 15 receptions for 97 yards. Brady has scored more than 10 times in five of 18 games in New England this season. White recorded a total of 106 sacks.

Los Angeles Rams passing the defense

The Rams have the best pass in this game, and the NFL, in Donald, who has collected 20.5 sacks of the regular season. He did not add this total to both Rams wins in the playoffs, but he did his part against the Saints with three assists.

In summary, at his press conference on Tuesday, Mr. Belichick succinctly summed up Donald when asked what impressed him about the defensive tackle.

“It’s almost irreproachable.”

At the same time, the Patriots have more than resisted the team of the Chiefs of two main players, Chris Jones and Justin Houston, as well as linebacker Dee Ford. Donald presents a different challenge as an inside runner that can prevent Brady from getting in or out-of-pocket, but as this sequence shows, even the internal maneuvers of some Chiefs were not enough against the Patriots’ offensive line.

The Rams are also not a good blitz team to increase Donald’s running skills. The opposing quarters had the highest level of smugglers (127.12) in the NFL against the Los Angeles bombing, completing 75 of 105 (71.4%) for 891 yards and 12 touchdowns against only two interceptions and 10 goals.

Brady has been above average in this season’s campaign, completing 62.3 percent of his passes for a total of 930 yards and eight touchdowns against four passes and six sacks. He scored 11 passes for 15 yards for 143 yards in the playoffs, with three of his seven passes of 25 yards or more coming in when Los Angeles and Kansas City launched a campaign.

However, the Rams are not just going to roll out a welcome mat for the five-time champion.

“Oh, it’s winnable, though,” Johnson said, posting more factual statements than anything else on the team’s official website. “Then, we can not just go with the mentality of” Ohh, it’s Tom Brady. “He’s really beaten, so let’s go and try.”

On Monday came the first speeches about junk and bulletin boards. They come from Rams cornerback Robey-Coleman, who said in a profile article in Bleacher Report that “age definitely had a negative impact on Brady,” which read “Movement.” Speed. He can still throw it away, he does not do it that much. ”

As is often the case when such stories occur during the Super Bowl week, Robey-Coleman repeated some of his comments when he was lucky enough to follow them, while his teammates defended and affirmed him. that his words taken out of context.
“I think everyone has done great business,” Robey-Coleman told “Tom Brady is a great field marshal, I was not trying to say anything bad about him, I respect him as G.O.A.T. He is the legend and I think the words have been misunderstood and taken out of context.”
Los Angeles did a good job of beating Saints star receiver Michael Thomas in the NFC title game, limiting him to four receptions for 36 yards, including one for 19.

However, this probably will not happen much, if at all, in this game, since the New England reception options are more balanced in terms of talent. Phillips could slide his protections in positions to rotate the cover of Gronkowski and take his changes with Talib and Marcus Peters on a single cover of Edelman and Hogan.

It is also possible that Phillips will wear Talib, which measures 6 feet 1 inch and 209 pounds, to cover Gronkowski as before when he was in Denver. That would allow Peters and Robey-Coleman to compete with Edelman and Hogan.

All this still does not say how to keep White out of the backfield if the Rams linebackers cannot get the hash marks fast enough. The Chargers tried to play in the area and turned around dramatically. The Rams played mostly in the area but showed a lightning strike.

Anyway, after Kamara picked up 11 assists for the Saints in the NFC title game, McDaniels probably added all of White’s passing games to the game book.

Significant passable statistics
An offense of the New England Patriots.
New England Patriots – 4,258 yards on the scoreboard (8th)

266.1 net yards per game (8th)
378 finishes (T-12)
574 attempts (T-11)
65.9% of achievement (15)
4,405 gross yards (T-9)
7.67 yards per attempt (10th)
11.65 yards by completion (10th)
29 touchdown passes (T-11)
11 interceptions (T-10 at least)
21 bags (3rd)
97,8th pass mark (11)

Individual ticket statistics

Tom Brady: 375 completions / 570 attempts / 65.8% completed / 4,355 yards / 29 TD / 11 INT / 97.7 passenger rating
Julian Edelman – 2/2 / 100.0 / 43/0/0 / 118.8
Brian Hoyer – 1/2 / 50.0 / 7/0/0 / 58.3

Statistics of individual reception.

James White: 87 receptions / 751 yards / 8.6 yards per touch / 7 touchdowns
Julian Edelman – 74/850 / 11.5 / 6
Rob Gronkowski – 47/682 / 14,5 / 3
Josh Gordon – 40/720 / 18.0 / 3
Chris Hogan – 35/532 / 15.2 / 3
Phillip Dorsett – 32/290 / 9.1 / 3
Cordarrelle Patterson – 21/247 / 11.8 / 3
Rex Burkhead – 14/131 / 9.4 / 1
James Develin – 12/61 / 5.1 / 0
Sony Michel – 7/50 / 7.1 / 0
Jacob Hollister – 4/52 / 13.0 / 0
Dwayne Allen – 3/27 / 9.0 / 0
Tom Brady – 1/6 / 6.0 / 0
Jeremy Hill – 1/6 / 6.0 / 0

Los Angeles Rams Defense
Los Angeles Rams: 3780 yards, net goal allowed (14th)

236.3 yards allowed per game (14)
347 completed opponents (12th)
533 opponents attempts (T-11)
65.1 completion percentage of opponents (20th)
4,106 yards by land allowed (14)
7.70 opposing yards per attempt (24)
11.83 yards per game (25)
31 touchdown passes (T-26)
18 interceptions (T-3 more)
41 bags (15th most)
93.8 classification of passers-by (17th)

Individual defensive statistics – bags

Aaron Donald – 20.5 bags / 183.5 yards / 41 QBH
Ndamukong Suh – 4.5 / 23.5 / 19
Corey Littleton – 4/43/4
Samson Ebukam – 11/3/6
Dante Fowler Jr. – 2/15/4
John Franklin-Myers – 2/14/6
Lamarcus Joyner – 1/11/1
Mark Barron – 1/10/1
Michael Brockers – 1/3/4
Matt Longacre – 1/0/6
Ethan Westbrooks – 1/7/2

Individual defensive statistics – Interceptions / passes defended.

John Johnson III – 4 INT / 46 yards / 11.5 yards per trip / 11 TD
Marcus Peters – 3/107 / 35.7 / 8
Corey Littleton – 3/48 / 16.0 / 13
Troy Hill – 2/7 / 3.5 / 5
Aqib Talib – 1/30 / 30.0 / 5
Samson Ebukam – 1/25 / 25.0 / 1
Shields Sam – 22/01 / 22.0 / 4
Lamarcus Joyner – 1/5 / 5.0 / 3
Blake Countess – 1/0 / 0.0 / 2
Nickell Robey-Coleman – 1/0 / 0.0 / 4

Who has the advantage?

In a sense, for the Rams, it’s like playing against the Saints for the second consecutive game, given the parallelism between the Patriots’ personnel and Brady’s skill positions against White. There are specific characteristics for each offense and each player, but the common thing is the versatility of the offenses and the ability to find incompatibilities with the defense of the Rams.

The Patriots are a better version because they have stars that catch the ball without a superstar. In Belichick’s language, everyone “does their job,” and that’s why they are more effective.

If the Rams are going to stop the Patriots, two things must happen. One of them is Donald and Suh must have the best playoff games of their respective races, since Brady will organize a bombing and will do everything possible if he recognizes the areas covered.

The second is that the defensive backfield must register at least two interceptions. The Rams did it five times in the regular season, but the only élite quarterback against whom they did it was Mahomes (sorry, Mitch Trubisky, you have not arrived yet), and they had to register Two of those choices in the last 1: 28 to keep a victory.

This is going to be a difficult game for the Rams, and I think the Talib fold that covers Gronkowski makes the Patriots relax with a couple of two to make them think.

Advantage: New England Patriots
Los Angeles Rams Offense Vs. Defense of the New England Patriots
Who has the advantage in the running game?
Los Angeles Rams in the hasty offense

Super Bowl LIII will be a great pride for Georgia graduates, as they will see two of their best runners in the school clash with their counterparts of Michel and Rams, Gurley.

Gurley’s lack of action in the NFC title game, with four passes for 10 yards and a three-yard catch, led to season-lows in all categories. For the first time since his nomination at the end of the season, Anderson did not have a monstrous game, and the result led to one of the first points of discussion in this match:

Who will run the ball for the Rams?

The answer may be where the Rams decide to throw the ball. For his part, Gurley took responsibility for his effort under the table, but McVay refused to let his half-defense assume any responsibility, accepting a part for not allowing Gurley to return to the mainstream.

“He did not have many opportunities to play better, so I think that’s another area where I’ve become an owner,” said McVay at Ventura County Star. “What’s great is that you’ll have the opportunity to make a great contribution and play a great role in our game against the Patriots. ”

Another thing to remember is that the two runners are not far from a great game, as both passed 100 yards in the victory against Dallas. While the Patriots finished 11th against the race and reported 112.7 yards per game, they also finished 29th with 4.91 yards per race.

One of the things that the Rams continue to do at the élite level is to hide their running games in the same people packages. Los Angeles uses three sets of open receivers in almost every game, and although the receiving receiver Cooper Kupp is not recognized for his passing capture skills, it was an part of blocking the patterns in the formations. in groups.

To this end, the Rams used tight end Tyler Higbee in more classic blocking roles and were successful at the end of the season.

In his three games against New England as the Denver comeback, Anderson has done well. He managed 239 yards on 41 carries and 72 yards on 16 runs in the 2016 AFC Broncos title win, also the last time the Patriots lost to the Super Bowl in the playoffs.

And if you’ve forgotten, he had a pretty decent game for the Broncos in Super Bowl 50. With the known blocking maneuvers of this team, Anderson will obviously be comfortable to face the Patriots.

“It’s a good football team, they’ve been good for a long time and they’ll be ready,” Anderson told the Rams’ official website. “Obviously, I always played with him and he played against me, so it will be fun, it will be fun to shoot them down.”

New England Patriots rush to defend themselves

Facing the Patriots ‘offense is largely a matter of preparing for the same opponent for the second week in a row in the Rams’ defense. The Patriots defense can rely on some of the tendencies used against the Chargers and the Chiefs during the Super Bowl.

A set of three receivers poses a problem in a basic defense since it requires the sacrifice of a linebacker for a defensive defense. The most likely solution for New England is to sacrifice safety to keep its three linebackers in the game so that the box remains charged against the opposing shots.

Or, Belichick will again show why it is Belichick and show something exotic.

Trey Flowers is an unappreciated cornerstone of this defense as a defensive lineman. He had a team record of 7.5 sacks and nine tackles for losses with 3.5 points.

“He’s doing a great job and he’s a disinterested player,” Patriots defense coach Brendan Daly said of Flowers to Forbes. “He’s ready to do what you ask him to do, but it may not be for him, he understands the big picture and understands what he needs to do to help the team win, and he’s always been willing to do it.”

After allowing 130.8 yards per game in his last four regular-season appearances, the Patriots only conceded 60 points in total in their two playoff victories. This is partly because the Chargers and the Chiefs forced to abandon the race, as they tried, and in the case of Kansas City, they managed a rally. The facet of the game at the right time.

Notable precipitating statistics.
An offense of Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams – 2,231 rushing yards (3rd.)

139.4 rushing yards per game (3rd)
459 attempts at precipitation (8th)
28.7 race attempts per game (8th)
4.86 yards per race (3rd)
23 annotations on the ground (2nd)

Precipitous individual statistics

Todd Gurley: 256 runs / 1,251 yards / 4.89 yards per run / 17 touchdowns
C.J. Anderson – 43/299 / 6.95 / 2 DT
Malcolm Brown – 43/212 / 4.93 / 0
Robert Woods – 19/157 / 9.8 / 1
Jared Goff – 43/108 / 2.51 / 2
John Kelly – 27/74 / 2.74 / 0
Brand cooks – 10/68 / 6.8 / 1
Cooper Kupp – 4/25 / 6.25 / 0
Justin Davis – 2/19 / 9.5 / 0
Gerald Everett – 2/16 / 8.0 / 0
Josh Reynolds – 2/8 / 4.0 / 0
Johnny Hekker – 1/3 / 3.0 / 0
Sean Mannion – 7 / -9 / -1.29 / 0

Defending the New England Patriots.
New England Patriots: 1,803 yards allowed (11th)

112.7 rushing yards allowed per game (11th)
Rank of 367 opponents (6th place)
22.9 opposing parties by party (6th)
4.91 yards per opponent per ring (4th worst)
7 ground hits (last 2)

Precipitous individual statistics

Kyle Van Noy – 54 solo / 35 help / 89 total / 4.5 points / 5 TFL
Patrick Chung – 51/30/81/0/1
Devin McCourty – 55/22/77 / 0.5 / 1
Jason McCourty – 53/15/68 / 1.5 / 1
Elandon Roberts – 30/33/63/4/6
Lawrence Guy – 25/34/59 / 1.5 / 1
Flores Trey – 32/25/57 / 3.5 / 9
Jonathan Jones – 11/39/50 / 0.5 / 1
Dont’a Hightower – 24/24/48 / 1.5 / 3
Stephon Gilmore – 40/5/45/0/1
Malcom Brown – 19/20/39 / 0.5 / 1
Duron Harmon – 6/26/38/0/0
Deatrich Wise Jr. – 15/15/30/1/4
J.C. Jackson – 2/22/1/1/1
Danny Shelton – 11/11/21/1/1
Adam Butler – 8/9/17/1/4
John Simon – 8/9/17/0/2
Adrian Clayborn – 9/2/11/2/3
Keionta Davis – 1/5/2/2/3

Who has the advantage?

Even with the success of New England in the playoffs, and with due respect to Melvin Gordon and Damien Williams, none of them is Gurley. And to some extent, neither is Anderson.

The Rams are an average team that manages football, either between facing Anderson or on board with Gurley. They have accumulated 150 yards in six of their 18 games, including the playoffs, and have accumulated between 140 and 149 goals in four other occasions.

Los Angeles finished third in the NFL with 4.86 yards per race, almost half the league average (4.42). In a game like this, half-yards add up because they make the difference between a third and a long 5 and a third and a short 4.

It allows the offensive structure of the three Rams to be based on the same people package and forces New England to react instead of being proactive and facing the “known” formations that Belichick can separate and then hide his blankets.

Look for the Rams in the race with Gurley and Anderson, but Gurley will probably be much lazier in this competition than the NFC title game.

Advantage: Los Angeles Rams
Who has the advantage in the attack that happens?
Los Angeles Rams passing the offense

In the divisional round, Goff was only a match manager, since the Rams correctly detected the Dallas defense and put it under control through Gurley and Anderson.

In the game for the NFC title, the Saints eliminated that error and forced Goff to be a quarterback who moved the Los Angeles offense to the field. And he responded with probably his best game as a professional.

Since McVay took the lead, Goff has accumulated 8,492 yards and 60 touchdowns in the past two seasons, placing fifth and tied in both categories in all quarters of the period. The third-year pro showed in his second playoffs that the time is not too big for him and he hopes that this is the case in his first Super Bowl.

“It gives you a little confidence and gives you something to consider as a way to handle certain things properly,” Goff told the Los Angeles Times about the NFC title victory. “You have no choice, you’d better prepare yourself, it’ll be fun, I’m excited.”

Goff has a pair of 1,000-yard receivers in Woods and former Patriot Cooks that can extend the field vertically and horizontally.

The chefs, who are part of their third team in as many seasons as the Saints have dedicated to the Patriots before last season, return to the Super Bowl for the second year in a row. He hopes to have a better result after being eliminated from last year’s game in the second quarter with a concussion.

The fifth-year professional had fond memories of his season with New England and felt that the coaching staff had made him a better player.

“I became a smarter soccer player, I just learned from Belichick and McDaniels,” Cook said Monday on the Rams’ official website. “A great place to play, I enjoyed my time there, a lot of respect for everyone who is there, but I learned many wonderful things from what I learned, too much for us to probably sit here and talk about it.

In the absence of Kupp, Josh Reynolds was the Rams’ third receiver and did enough when the opposing defenses must at least respect his presence. Including the playoffs, he has 27 receptions for 397 yards and three touchdowns, but equally important is that Goff is not afraid to use Reynolds.

In six of his games, he has made at least five passes for Reynolds, who scored four receptions for 74 yards in the NFC game with seven goals.

Although not important last week, Gurley expected to give to the Super Bowl passing game. He had 59 receptions for 580 yards and four touchdowns this season, and while the Patriots played above their defensive playoff level, they still left 49.1 yards per game in the race.

Defending the New England Patriots.

After eliminating Kelce in the game for the AFC title, it is likely that Gilmore has a more conventional mission in the Super Bowl that covers Woods, Reynolds and/or Cook.

While New England should play a basic hybrid defense in which it sacrifices a second safety for a third corner, that means Gilmore and cornerback JC Jackson will probably be in a lot of man-to-man coverage. and pushing Woods and Kitchen to the line of scrimmage to interrupt the flow.

“They had many good receivers,” Gilmore told NESN before adding that he delighted to play against his former teammate Cook. “They are in the place where they are for a reason, so it could be a big challenge for us.”

Another possibility is to use the 2-5 alignment shown in the race defense clip as part of a short to medium range area where line liners flood the seams and challenge Goff to throw the ball. above the middle

Goff was effective against the playoff campaign, completing 10 of 20 passes for 146 yards. He does not have shots, but he has no interceptions and has not yet been fired. The quarterbacks of the opponents were 80.85 for the smugglers in New England, but the 10 assists of the Patriots tied for the fourth best goal of the league.

Notable step statistics
An offense of Los Angeles Rams
Los Angeles Rams – 4,507 naked yards (5th)

281.7 yards pass the net per game (5th)
368 finishes (15th)
568 attempts (14th)
64.8 completion percentage (20)
4,730 rushing yards (5th)
8.33 yards per attempt (4th)
12.85 yards by completion (3rd)
32 touchdown passes (T-8)
12 interceptions (under 12 years old)
33 bags allowed (T-8 less)
100.7 pin (7th)

Individual ticket statistics

Jared Goff: 364 finishes / 561 attempts / 4,688 yards / 32 TDs / 12 INTs / 101.1 passerby per note
Sean Mannion – 2/3 / 66.7 / 23/0/0 / 89.6
Johnny Hekker – 2/4/50/19/0/0/63.5

Statistics of individual reception.

Robert Woods: 86 receptions / 1,219 yards / 14.2 yards per touch / 6 touchdowns
Brandin Cuisine – 80 / 1,204 / 15,1 / 5
Todd Gurley – 59/580 / 9.8 / 4
Cooper Kupp – 40/566 / 14.2 / 6
Gerald Everett – 33/320 / 9.7 / 3
Josh Reynolds – 29/402 / 13.9 / 5
Tyler Higbee – 24/292 / 12.2 / 2
Malcolm Brown – 5/52 / 10.4 / 1
C. J. Anderson -4 / 17 / 4.3 / 0
John Kelly – 2/27 / 13.5 / 0
KhaDarel Hodge – 2/17 / 8.5 / 0
Nick Williams – 2/17 / 8.5 / 0
Sam Shields – 1/12 / 12.0 / 0
Johnny Mundt – 1/5 / 5.0 / 0

Defending the New England Patriots.
New England Patriots: 3,943 net yards allowed (22)

246.4 net yards allowed (22)
370 completions of opponents (11th)
605 opponents attempts (5th)
61.2 percentage of completion of opponents (2nd)
4,181 rushing yards (21)
6.91 opposing yards per attempt (5th)
11.30 yards (15)
29 touchdowns (21-21)
18 interceptions (T-3º)
30 bags (T-30)
85.4 ranking of passers-by (7th lowest)

Individual statistics – Bags and presses.

Trey Flowers – 7.5 bags / 60 yards / 20 QBH
Deatrich Wise Jr. – 4.5 / 25.5 / 16
Kyle Van Noy – 3.5 / 28/10
Adam Butler – 3/22/4
Adrian Clayborn – 2.5 / 26.5 / 13
John Simon – 2/18/3
Jonathan Jones – 1.5 / 11/3
Elandon Roberts – 1/7/2
Lawrence Guy – 9/1/11
Dont’a Hightower – 1/9/6
Stephon Gilmore – 1/7/1
Derek Rivers – 1/10/2
Patrick Chung – 0.5 / 5/2

Individual statistics – Interceptions and passes defended.

Duron Harmon – 4 INT / 0 yards / 0.0 on average per return / 4 PD
Jonathan Jones – 3/34 / 11.3 / 7
J.C. Jackson – 3/9 / 3.0 / 6
Stephon Gilmore – 2/0 / 0.0 / 20
Devin McCourty – 1/84 / 84.0 / 4
Dont’a Hightower – 1/27 / 27.0 / 1
Patrick Chung – 1/2 / 2.0 / 3
Ja’Whaun Bentley – 1/0 / 0.0 / 1
Jason McCourty – 1/0 / 0.0 / 10
Kyle Van Noy – 1/0 / 0.0 / 2

Who has the advantage?

Two of the players not mentioned above who could play a vital role in the Patriots’ pass defense are cornerback Jonathan Jones and rookie Keion Crossen, who will have slot machine responsibilities. This means that the couple’s main mission will be Woods, who received his name because of Kupp’s injury.

This presents an interesting “dilemma” for the Patriots because they would normally like their best corner to be the best receiver of the opposing team. Gilmore may end up covering the cooks full time and make this argument theoretically, but this opens the door to Reynolds’ ability to be more than a simple actor, depending on how the fight develops.

The Los Angeles Pass game also works incredibly well, a by-product of the similar people packages used by McVay. Getting what could be the only security to bite these false transfers to Gurley and Anderson could lead the Rams to try more home games if they saw their wide receivers in a single blanket.

Like the Patriots, the Rams have balanced options in all areas about their passport. While the New England defense narrows the gap more than Los Angeles with the Patriots offense, the Rams still have an advantage here.

Advantage: Los Angeles Rams
Special teams, coaching, and intangible assets.
Special teams
New England Patriots

This will be the 28th game of Stephen Gostkowski in his career. An interesting statistic is that he lost as many extra points in 91 attempts as field goals in 41 attempts, four. He was perfect in these playoffs, reaching the nine PAT and three goals.

Gostkowski will play his sixth Super Bowl, where he won two of the 13 lost PAT innings, including one last year that left the Patriots 15-12 at the end of the first half instead of 15-13. He also missed a 26-yard goal after a bad pass against the Eagles. Therefore, if there is a less famous player who has something to prove in this match, it is Gostkowski.

Ryan Allen, who did not need to make a punt in Minneapolis last year, scored three of his six shots in this playoff series among the 20 opponents, but two also opted for a touchdown. He has averaged 41.3 yards but has not yet managed to draw more than 48.

Edelman was useful in punt returns, with an average of 9.4 yards in eight losses. Cordarrelle Patterson averaged 25.8 yards on four kickoffs in the postseason with a long run of 38.

Los Angeles Rams
Do you know who Stan Johnny Hekker is?
Belichick, who is it?

While McVay is not afraid to let his opponent go as he did against the Saints in the NFC title game, Hekker now has 12 wins for 20 yards for a total of 168 yards, which is Al sensational Belichick would like to have Ram’s bettors for a season to see how he could master one facet of the game.

The Rams kick is also in good hands, uh, with Zuerlein. He scored his 57-yard winning goal against New Orleans, injured at the foot of the factory. It slid on a metal plate covered with grass before the game.

While on the first report of injury to the Super Bowl, “Greg the Leg” should play, and McVay minimized the injury and noted that he scored four goals in the same several attempts against New Orleans. Zuerlein has 7 with 8 on the field during his first playoffs and converted his five PAT.

JoJo Natson has not played much in the returns so far, scoring three shots for 12 yards and a kickoff for 17. He can try his luck against New England for the latter since Gostkowski has scored only three of his 14 shots. in the postseason.

Who has the advantage?

Despite competing in five Super Bowls, Gostkowski did not try, and only had two goals of 40 yards or more. His regular season was 52 yards, but he only made 2 of 5 attempts from 50 on.

Zuerlein showed his grip in the fight for the NFC title, and McVay will not hesitate to let him go to 60 or even 65 yards if the situation allows. Hekker’s unique abilities as punters (there’s no better NFL directional bettor) give the Rams an advantage here.

Advantage: Los Angeles Rams
New England Patriots

To put McVay’s age from a real perspective, consider where Belichick was on February 3, 1986. He had completed his first season less than a month ago as defensive coördinator for the New York Giants, eliminated from the playoffs by Chicago Bears. and his famous defense “46” under Buddy Ryan.

The next season, it will be one of the biggest upsets in the Super Bowl, as the Giants beat Buffalo 20-19, ending a Bills offense that has many similarities to the Rams in terms of three big receivers and one outstanding defender.

“The hooded sweatshirt” saw everything and he did it all. Yes, there will be press conferences during which you will only make murmured comments without revealing a single detail about your projects or how you see the Rams, but to contradict your personality is to look beyond what happens. Great defensive spirit of the NFL never known.

It’s obvious that he’s going to get something the Rams do well, that no one knows what it is.

McDaniels is an underestimated element of the Patriots’ coaching staff, which has been largely on the same wavelength as Brady throughout the season, given the number and variables of the focal points of the attacks. First, it was White against the Chargers, then Edelman and Gronkowski against the Chiefs.

That could go back to what has been successful against Los Angeles, but the Patriots are the Patriots because they are all capable of adapting to the flight from Belichick.

Los Angeles Rams

Although this is McVay’s first Super Bowl, he’s in his second round of the playoffs and clearly has been a better coach in those playoffs. Nor is he too big to admit his own mistakes that were somehow needed this week for Gurley’s psyche and confidence before the Super Bowl.

He has a bit of recklessness from Sean Payton, and if McVay uses it correctly in the style that Payton made against the Indianapolis Colts nine years ago, there may be times when he puts Goff and the Rams on the table. comfortable to succeed

There is also his defensive coördinator, Phillips, another NFL player who has seen and done almost everything we can do on this side. His familiarity with Belichick and the Patriots attack on his stay in Denver will be essential, as will his ability to make Talib a field coach for the Los Angeles defense.

There is a lot of pressure on the Rams’ line of defense to deliver this fight, which means that the pressure of the shenanigans and the clashes fall on Phillips. He put together a brilliant plan to stifle Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers three years ago. His behavior against Brady will decide the success of the Rams.

Who has the advantage?

There is no way out, Belichick is always the best of the best. Not only in terms of match planning but also because he and his extensions, his teams have rarely fought. This game still does not miss the cat and the mouse, because McVay is also an offensive and creative designer, but there are many reasons why Belichick has been part of seven Super Bowl winning teams throughout his career. coach.

Advantage: New England Patriots
New England Patriots

This is something Belichick and Brady will want to hear from pre-Super Bowl press conferences, but it will be a difficult spot for scribes, journalists and anyone with credentials while they are in Atlanta.

When do Belichick and Brady consider that their respective legacies fulfilled? The ease with which Brady and Belichick can close the circuit by winning the Rams, the team they won their first title together 17 years ago, will regurgitate over and over, which means questions about His legacy will be nauseating.

It’s not a bad question since Brady is 41 years old and a sixth Super Bowl title would make him the most successful NFL player of all time. This is not the wrong question because it is a sixth Super Bowl with Belichick. This is not the wrong question because it always raises the question: is it difficult to refuel and try to repeat as champions?

Regardless of the issue of the legacy, this could also be Gronkowski’s last round, including the revelation that he would rather retire to play for someone other than the Patriots when they had discussed how to do it. Coming to Detroit earlier this season will return during the media days in Atlanta.

Nobody really knows if it is the last hurray. But that will be requested.
Los Angeles Rams

Something the Eagles did very well last year and that the Rams would be interested in imitating this year is not happy to be here. Eagles coach Doug Pederson abandoned the playbook in Minneapolis and, as far as we know, could have designed some Super Bowl plays, but his attack was as effective as he stayed in New England. if unbalanced.

McVay has the same skills, but it is incredibly difficult to successfully cross this line between a safe player and a reckless player. This is where Phillips, Talib, and Cooks come to offer younger players a Super Bowl experience.

The Rams were a team that “hunted” most of the season and was still in a grade in New Orleans. It will be easy to play the “nobody believes in us” card between Brady and that they were probably in a horrible loss without appeal in the Superdome.

But at the same time, they have to play their game, which means that Gurley is well established and that you have to trust Goff to win the game, instead of losing it. If they do, and it will probably be the case, it will be a competitive Super Bowl.

Who has the advantage?

While you’re not there, you’ll never know. It’s an old hat for the Patriots, who now play for the Lombardi Trophy for three consecutive years. This is the ninth Super Bowl of Brady and Belichick together in 16 years. The Patriots missed the playoffs exactly twice during this period. Brady missed all season due to an injury.

The Rams just need to get rid of all their first steps: first shot, first tackle, first goal, first goal, etc., etc., and things must be resolved quickly. However, if New England manages to take control early, it could make things difficult.

Advantage: New England Patriots
Final Perspective – It’s time to make these bets!

The excess has slowly gained momentum throughout the first week of betting, with a percentage of money surpassed by Vegas Insider of 38% at 9:30 pm. CST on Monday.

It reduced to 56.5 from 59 starts in some places, and there are few incentives to do so in 57 or 57.5, the latter being the highest level of Super Bowl ever seen.

Both teams have an overall efficiency of 88.8% or more in the red zone, and both teams average an average of about five points per move in the red zone. The Rams led the NFL with 80 opportunities in the red zone, while the Patriots tied for ninth with 57.

While both defenses have the potential to neutralize an essential facet of the opposing offensive, both teams have barracks and options that can be adapted to such scenarios. There’s a reason Brady has run 300 yards or more in his last three Super Bowl appearances, and 400 or more in his last two games, and more than 500 last year. Just as a reason for Goff to come from his best game as a professional in his most important game as such.

In addition, if a team loses more than two possessions, the passing game will prolong the game with all the halting moments stopped in incomplete games. This leads to more games, potentially more possessions, and potentially more points.

The extra coverage specific to this game is the hope that Goff will try other passes if the Patriots use only one security, and even connecting to one or two of them should be enough to help the attacker.

But with these attempts come risks, as well as the challenge of stopping the Patriots’ offense, which neither Los Angeles nor Kansas City has done. The Rams have succeeded in protecting Michael Thomas from the Saints’ best offensive option with a specific plan, which would not work here with several balanced threats that executed and received.

And even turning the one-dimensional Patriots into a passing team is not a guarantee of success, because this quarterback is a member of the Hall of Fame.

This game does not feel like a shootout with a final score but is similar to how the Patriots defeated the Eagles in Super Bowl XXXIX where they will be led by one or two possessions in the fourth quarter and will see the match ended. the place from three to 10 points.

If the gap between points remains below three points for New England, it would be the best of both worlds for the Patriots, who could survive a Rams touchdown and a late coverage attempt.

It’s Tom Brady’s world and we live there. Once again, the Lombardi Trophy will go to New England and the Patriots will cover it.

The Super Bowl accompanied by an impressive number of sports bets, from the length of the national anthem to the first song played by Maroon 5 at halftime, to the taste of Gatorade. We will discuss fun bets later in the week, but we will try to take one per team every day.


For Saturday, it is a mixed bag of game accessories. The first one is the up / down one for joint annotations. There are three options that range from 5.5 to 7.5. Since this space waits for 38-28, the aggressive call is to take advantage of 7.5 TD to +150, while the conservative call is above 6.5 in -135. Another safe option would be less than 7.5 points and its derisory performance -140.

The last option of the game accessory with a value, given the expectation of a shootout, takes the lead for a combined total of rushing yards from 826.5 to -105. For reference, the Eagles and Patriots totaled 1,151 last year, compared to 890 the previous year between the Falcons and the Patriots.

Kansas City and New England combined for 814 in the game for the AFC title, while Los Angeles and New Orleans totaled 668 in the NFC conference championship. Using 414 yards as the center point, the Patriots have cleared that number nine times in 18 games, including the last two, while the Rams have surpassed 11 times. The last two opportunities have ended in their last four games.

Although we are a little behind on Friday, we will immerse ourselves in the “fun” accessories. There are only two per, but that’s all you need for the day.

The first is the number of tweets, not counting the re-tweets, sent by President Donald Trump in his @ RealDonaldTrump account on Super Bowl Sunday, which is set at 5.5. On the surface, it gives the impression of a simple “envelope” given its propensity for quick tweets. But you should also bear in mind that last weekend, Trump did not send an original tweet last Saturday and four last Sunday.

We are talking about President Trump, so it is very poor since both have only -120 in the coin line.

The other also has the impression of easily marking the number of points that about the age of each coach. McVay is 33 years old and Belichick, 66, has 48.5 points. Given the excess, 56.5 points as of midnight on Saturday, CST, as well as the expectations of both teams will earn points, make Belichick the option of -360 compared to McVay with +240.

The options on Thursday are those related to sports betting, which stimulates the spirit in many sports.

The first is the difference between the number of points scored by Stephen Curry by the Golden State Warriors goalkeeper against the Los Angeles Lakers and the number of points scored by the New England Patriots. In what is a surprise line to some extent, the Patriots are the 1.5 favorite points of this bet.

While the Patriots are a firm option to reach 30 points, Curry is still willing to go for 40 points on a given night. On Thursday night, the Warriors custody totaled 30.1 points on average of 11 consecutive wins at Golden State, exceeding 40 points three times and the other 30 to two.

Curry shoots 51.1%, but the highest percentage of shots is the accuracy rate of 46.1 from the 3-point range since he averages 5.9 yards with each victory. If he can get 18 points beyond the goal, he has a good chance to beat the Patriots.

An opposition is another thing to keep in mind, especially because LeBron James is still day-to-day with his groin injury. Curry had only 26 points in two games against Los Angeles this season, scoring a combined total of 4-for-18 for a distance of 3 points and a total of 8-for-29. He averaged 21.1 points in 29 games against the Lakers, but with a national television audience as an introduction to the Super Bowl, Curry was the winner here and he won 1.5 points.

The other is also about the Patriots, with Tom Brady achieving a total of 25.5 yards, against the joint points of Big East Xavier, Georgetown, Creighton and Villanova. As for the crashes, the 14th Wildcats host Georgetown and Creighton is home to Xavier.

The Xavier-Creighton joker is the game of chance since the Musketeers have the worst offense among the four teams in this quartet. Xavier scored 56 points or less in three of his five real road games, while Creighton is one of the best three-point shooting teams in the country. Villanova has averaged nearly 80 points in nine consecutive wins and has won 136 points or more in his last six games with La Hoya.

The expectation is that these two games will end between 290 and 300 points, and given Brady’s performance in his last three Super Bowl appearances, taking TB12 and accumulating 25.5 yards is too good to miss as Villanova could. We also make a difference at home.

The first pillar on Wednesday is the distance between Brady and Goff, established with Brady giving 10.5 yards at -115. Even with the Patriots riding Michel for a pair of 100 meters on the ground, this game should be competitive enough so that if New England finds something to explode in the passing game, Brady will return to him several times.

Also, if this game turns into a shootout and the Patriots must meet, Brady has remained. He has climbed more yards than his earlier Super Bowl in the last six games. It’s true that it would be miraculous if he improved his own 505 marks last year, but after averaging 433.0 yards in the last three Super Bowls and a coach who stands out for confusing the opposing QBs, take Brady and yards. It’s a solid game.

Wednesday’s second playoff is the distance between James White of the Patriots and No. 3 receiver of the Rams, Josh Reynolds, while the Whites gave 5.5 yards. It is an intriguing fixture due to White’s unique abilities in the New England offense and how its use rate skyrocketed in the playoffs.

This repeated in the playoffs with his 15 shots against the Chargers in the divisional round. Including the playoffs, White played seven games with seven or more receptions and had 57 yards or more in those games.

Since the Rams have defensive features similar to the Chargers, the Whites expected to play an important role again in Pat’s game plan. For Los Angeles, offensively, Reynolds is an intriguing receiver as it is the second and third option with respect to the full game since Woods operates out of the slot.

McVay is not afraid to use Reynolds but has also been attacked more than seven times in eight games since taking on the role of Kupp. He is not a great receiver and only has five receptions in 25 yards. Reynolds also averages only 4.0 meters after capture. That’s half the amount of targets, but more than half of the target receptions (54 of 106) were behind the line of scrimmage.

This is a case of measure in quality, and with the Patriots playing 172 offensive games in their two playoff victories, the amount is likely to win, which means that whites should be able to accumulate enough yards to beat Reynolds and that slim gap.

The bet of Tuesday for the Patriots is the over / low for the patios of Sony Michel, established in 76.5. Despite a total of 931 yards in the regular season, Michel only scored five times in 13 regular-season games. But when he cleared the ball, he did it in exemplary fashion when he finished with at least 98 yards in those games.

In the playoffs, however, the story is completely different as the Georgia rookie crossed the 100-yard mark with two wins and 53 carries in those games. In the six 100-yard games, including the playoffs, Michel has registered at least 18 races. The Patriots attach great importance to watch control, this number should be again 20 in this match.

The teams that entered the race against the Rams in the regular season rewarded: there were five teams that had 30 or more runs against Los Angeles. Four of them crossed 140 yards and scored at least four yards per run, and Philadelphia was the better of the two.

The most important factor in the victory of this accessory is that Michel soon gets his criteria. Against the Chargers, he cleared 76.5 yards in the middle of the second quarter. Versus Chiefs, it was early in the third. At -115, it is a difficult decision to reject, especially with the belief that the money line could increase against the game as the time of the game approaches.

The selection of accessories for the Rams on Tuesday is conservative, with more than 1.5 TD passes for Goff at -175. In the last six games in the New England playoffs (a race that includes the Super Bowls), the Patriots have allowed opposing quarterbacks to make two or more touchdown passes on five of them.

In the playoffs, Patrick Mahomes and Philip Rivers each had three touchdown passes. If New England creates a division, the Patriots will simply play a soft zone, which could allow this accessory to hit the back door if Goff does not take care of it while the game is competitive.

The call of the Rams to the signal sent only one goal in the playoffs, but he played nine games with two or more passes. The belief is that Goff has enough options to do the job and get at least two.

Monday’s bet for the Patriots is more / less for Julian Edelman’s receiving yards, set at 83.5. During the regular season, Edelman averaged 70.8 yards per game in 12 games and playoffs. That number climbed to 123.5 when he completed four consecutive yards in 100 consecutive games.

The reverse is a solid game for several reasons, among other things because Brady has been so prolific as to pass the ball in the last two Super Bowls. He has made 50 or more passes in his last three appearances and has completed at least 28 in all those games.

The 58.3% completion percentage last year against Philadelphia is pretty absurd, as it is the lowest of his eight appearances in the Super Bowl. Brady completed 71.1% of his passes in both New England playoff victories, throwing the ball 90 times.

Specific to Edelman, he recovers the lost time after missing last year’s game with a torn ACL. In both games, he was the starting lineman for the Patriots, scoring 14 receptions for 196 yards on 25 goals and 87 yards or more in both games. Given the balance between the New England attack and Gronkowski’s ability to draw attention to sewing problems, Edelman should be good for another performance of almost 100 yards, if not more. Take the initiative

Monday’s bet for the Rams is at receptions for Todd Gurley, who looked at 3.5. Gurley had four or more assists in seven of his 14 games of the regular season, but only three combined victories in two playoffs.

This helped make the money an “external” option equal to -130 for catches below 3.5. The back is the option here for specific reasons of the Rams and the confrontation with the defense of New England.

In the first part, McVay will manage and seek to install Gurley on offense everywhere, both in the race and in the reception after being essentially an entity against New Orleans. The Rams are not in the Super Bowl without Gurley, who attacked six times or more six times.

In addition, the exotic defenses the Patriots will likely use against the offense of the Rams’ three wide receivers will likely result in players falling into the blanket. This means that Gurley must be open to pass behind the line of scrimmage as a safety valve in addition to possible filter passes simply to involve him in the offensive.

And since we’re not worried about the shipyards here, any Gurley hilt is a good way to achieve that goal. So, once again, the game is around here.

New England Patriots 38, Los Angeles Rams 28

Free blocking option for Super Bowl 53: New England vs. LA Rams – February 3 – (100% confidence)

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