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The countless stories and radio interviews this week leading up to Super Bowl LIII will no longer be relevant once Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots take to the field in Atlanta on Sunday.

Once the game started at the Mercedes-Benz stadium, any discussion of the offense of non-invocation in New Orleans or the neutral zone offense in Kansas City during the conference championships fades.

However, the talent of these two teams for the drama will continue. Will the Super Bowl work overtime for the second time in its history?

Will Rams cornerback Nickell Robey-Coleman take a Patriots receiver at a crucial moment so that a referee can not do anything?

Take a look at the three forecasts, the start time and the visual information below.

Time of beginning and visualization of the information.

Departure: 6.30 pm ET


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Bill Belichick crushes Sean McVay’s hype

Rams head coach Sean McVay, 33, will be the youngest head coach in Super Bowl history. It will make its début before a legend.

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has trained in the NFL since 1975 and has been the head coach of New England since 2000. Belichick has won five rings and trained in eight Super Bowls with the Patriots. but he also won two victories in the New York Giants. Defensive coördinator in the eighties.

McVay quickly earned Belichick’s respect. The Rams coach highlighted their mutual respect for Peter King of NBC Sports before his team’s departure to Atlanta:

“This season, he basically sent me a text message after each of our games.” After defeating Minnesota in September, he sent a text message: “Man, you’re really explosive, awesome and fun to watch. Congratulations, keep going. ‘… It’s one of the things that I love about our company, our coaching fraternity.

“As competitive as they are, guys find time to share when they can, I’m still young and I rediscover it, this thing was really useful for me.”

On his way to the big game, McVay eliminated Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints in the NFC championship game and had to compete in the NFC West with Pete Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks. Respect where respect is due: McVay has faced the best to put the Rams in this place.

However, something tells us (mainly in the story) that the only thing that Belichick will send to McVay after Super Bowl LIII will be: “Better luck next time”.

Todd Gurley remains in an inexplicable routine.

Gurley led the NFL with a total of 21 touchdowns in the regular season. The 24-year-old was very involved in the conversation with the most valuable player in the NFL until a knee injury prevented him from playing in the final stretch of the game, preventing him from being completely excluded from the last two games of the regular season. the Rams.

Gurley listed as in good health and played in both games of the high school round of LA Contra Dallas in the divisional round, it looked like he expected with 16 runs for 115 yards. and a touchdown. The remaining defenses climbed in circles at the thought of him, combined with the return of the bowling ball C.J. Anderson, signed in December.

Then the Rams came to New Orleans for the NFC Championship game, and it looked like Gurley had left a part of himself in Los Angeles. He had dropped a crucial pass in the third half in the first half and had then spent most of the game away. Was Gurley in the bank or injured?

After the game, where he only ran 10 yards in four races, Gurley responded to the speculation by telling Lindsey Thiry of ESPN: “I regretted it today, I felt it, then C.J. did his thing and the team did his thing.”

McVay has publicly applauded Gurley’s return. The Rams coach also told reporters on Friday that Gurley was in perfect health and ready to play a “great role” against the Patriots.

However, the Patriots’ defense blocked their backs during the playoffs. Against the Chiefs in the CFA Championship game, Damien Williams scored a total of three touchdowns, but he had 30 yards in 10 runs.

Before the Chiefs, Melvin Gordon, the title star of the Los Angeles Chargers, stifled. Gordon ran nine times in just 15 yards and the Chargers only had four more yards to run.

You may never think of White during the regular season, but he has the means to make sure his opponents consider him in the playoffs.

The most notable summary of White is his performance in the Super Bowl LI. He played a crucial role as the Patriots returned 28-3 to a deficit against the Atlanta Falcons with a total of 139 yards and two touchdowns.

He won and tied several Super Bowl records, like most receptions in a Super Bowl with 14.

More recently, White tied the division’s playoff record against the Chargers with 15 shots.

All this to say that White is ready to be the most important piece of the Patriots against the Rams. Saints running back Alvin Kamara laid the groundwork for the NFC championship game. Kamara only ran for 15 yards, but he blew holes in the Rams’ blanket with 11 receptions for 96 yards.

Now that the Patriots have recruited midfielder Sony Michel, who has run more than 100 yards on the floor and more than five touchdowns in both playoffs, to punish ground defenses, White thrown even more as a receiver.

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