Super Bowl LIII ! Los Angeles Rams vs New England Patriots Live Stream,Turf Show Times, News & Preview

The time has come for us, Los Angeles Rams fans. The expectations were extremely high for the 2018-2019 season and the team did not disappoint. In just a few days, the Rams will face the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LIII.

Can the Rams put everything together for 60 minutes and lift Lombardi for the first time in 20 years … or will the Patriots win their sixth (brute) victory in the Super Bowl?





The Turf Show Times staff makes their choice …

RamBuck (@lannyosu)

I will be this boy. I really want to say that the Rams are going to win this game, but I still think that Lucifer and his favorite son, Mammon, will find a way to steal another Rams Super Bowl. On the positive side, they will probably retire after the game, and we will have finished.

Prediction: the victory of the Patriots, 35-34.

Tevin Broner (@T_Bron)

It will be a difficult game. You have Tom Brady, and we do not have to talk about his game, but the racing game was really impressive. The Rams attack should be able to make enough games. The defensive interior of the Rams should be taken into account to attract Brady’s attention. It’s hard to play against the Patriots in a Super Bowl, but the Rams should have players to win.

Prediction: Rams win, 28-24

Charlie Hiller (@charliehiller)

The confetti will fly. Men with tall asses will cry. Children will be designed and McVay will be given the first name. And a city hungry for a championship will win its first 5-year check *.

Prediction: Rams win, 26-24

Brennan Smith (@BrennanJSmith)

It’s the big one Enjoying her. Soaking. Go up and kiss the waves of emotion. The key to this, as has always been the case in a Super Bowl of the Patriots, is to pressure Tom Brady. Aaron Donald will have to be dominant and Ndamukong Suh and Michael Brockers will have to stop Sony Michel. The Rams will prevent Julian Edelman from losing a third long race and keep Gronk at bay. Jared Goff will have to live up to the situation. Todd Gurley will have to be just Todd Gurley. Brandin Cooks will have to keep the Patriots defense honest. I think the Rams will win this game, but it will be incredibly difficult.

Prediction: Rams win, 27-24

Eddie Perez (@iAmEddieP_)

This Sunday seems to be something unknown. The last time we were in the United States, he was a teenager, so he was definitely soberer than now.

But back to the game: I am firmly convinced of the attack on Tom Brady and the Patriots for this defense. The defense has chosen the right time to prepare. I’m a bit skeptical about running, but do not worry, Grandpa Wade has taken matters into his own hands.

Goff is going to stumble through the door (it’s a bit clumsy) but he’ll come back. Todd (if he’s healthy) and CJ hit the ground.

Prediction: Victoria de los Carneros, 35-25.

Eric Nagel (@Eric_nagel)

Back on the top

Prediction: Rams win, 27-10.

Skye Sverdlin (@skyeattolah)

The Rams are perhaps the only team in the league that has not been seriously defeated by Bilbo Belichick, and they have more game creators. Of course, the Patriots have the best game creator in the most important position. So we’ll be terrified until the end, but I’ll say it, the Los Angeles Rams will win Super Bowl 53.

Prediction: Carnero’s win, 34-27.

Kristian Ramirez (@KristianRamirez)

This is hard. I really believe that the Rams will find redemption in this Super Bowl. I think Aaron Donald will hit Brady next season. I think the chefs, Woods, Anderson and Gurley will have a match. But this match is against a team of patriots and coaches who have been here many times, many times. They will not be blinded by the lights and will be ready to play for this Lombardi. So, although I think it will be a tight match, I think the Rams will become world champions.

Prediction: The victory of the rams, 34-30.

Joey Aucoin (@LARamsRamsRams)

Super Bowl LIII is going to be a mountain of emotions. The LA Rams will be hot in the first half, turn it on and take a comfortable advantage. Then the Pats will do what they do by swimming and diving in the second half. I predict a fantastic signing by Jared Goff, who will win the game in the last two minutes with the help of WR Brandin Cooks.

Prediction: Victoria de Rams, 35-33.

Elijah Kim (@Big_EZK)

The Rams are in the Super Bowl. They can avenge a controversial 2002 loss. I remember this game. I cried after looking at her. My soccer heroes Marshall Faulk, Kurt Warner, Isaac Bruce, and Torry Holt could not beat Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. The saddest thing was that the Rams seemed destined for a dynasty, but this loss was caused by a long period of mediocrity and pain.

The Rams now have the opportunity to get revenge. Located less than a quarter of a mile from where they won the Super Bowl against the Titans, the Rams can win another and take revenge on the QB and the coach, which have reduced their chances of being a dynasty. It will not be easy. A mystique that surrounds the New England Patriots strangles teams, players and coaches.

Nothing can convince me that RB Todd Gurley is in good health, but fortunately, C.J. Anderson has emerged to help launch the rash attack of the Rams. The defense is challenged again after neutralizing Ezekiel Elliott, Alvin Kamara (at least in the game of the race) and Mark Ingram in the playoff race. It will be a good game, but it is an important option and the belief that the Rams are the best team in the NFL, even after winning them to win just two digits before the year. Jared Goff is doing enough to beat G.O.A.T.

Prediction: Rams win, 28-24

Hotdaddywags (@Hotdaddywags)

We created this monster, now is the time to kill it. The Rams are the most talented football team, but the Patriots have the QB combo with the most players and coaches in NFL history. After a regular sawtooth season, New England has had (as expected) a good postseason and the Rams will have to work hard. Take Edelman, White, and Michel, and Brady will find Dorsett, Gronk, and Hogan. Defensively, it is less personal, but a game plan, because Belichick, of course, will try to take the players to create meetings that he likes.

I think the Rams just have too many answers and a good coach too. To take wood? This is Reynolds and Higbee. Focus on the cooks and Gurley? Give me a steady dose of CJ and Young Gerald. If we get to Brady, something the Chargers and Chiefs have not achieved, we will win, and Aaron Donald will make his mark on this football game as the world player he is. A late # 99 backpack will remind New England of the painful loss suffered last year and will usher in a new dynasty.

Prediction: Victoria de los Carneros, 34-26.

Tim Godfrey (@MrTimGodfrey)

Boston: a city full of immaculate universities, history, and culture, but populated by idiots who wear a hat on their back that seduces you. The city of Boston has 37 championships among its sports franchises, 11 since 2000, and is still considered a loser.

“Yo, nobody respects us,” says a collective group of Boston fans in the same basement. This game is more about revenge. it is about preventing the worst city in the country from congratulating itself for another year.

Prediction: Victoria de Rams, 40-37.

Sosa Kremenjas (@QBsMVP)

The Rams are simply too talented to be controlled in Super Bowl 53. The youth and speed of the Rams’ offense will ensure that many points are scored on the scoreboard. The Patriots, on the other hand, will probably continue to unravel by moving the chains and doing their big game here and there. Defensively, Aaron Donald and John Johnson III will undergo the test and prove that they are also superstars in the most important games. The Los Angeles Rams will win Super Bowl 53.

Prediction: the victory of the rams, 34-31.

settlers (@seattlerams_nfl)

I remember on February 3, 2002, as well as the next Rams fan. I remember that the Patriots had filmed the Rams ticket the night before the match, creating what was considered a surprise for all ages. The consequences of this game propelled a team into the biggest dynasty the NFL has known since its inception and plunged the other team into a chasm of death and decay.

Do I still have a grudge? I bet your ass that I do!

Fuck Bill Belichick!

Damn Tom Brady!

Kiss Gisele!

Double fuck Josh McDaniels! (Yes, I remember your 2011 year as Rams OC, shit!)

Fuck Your Bullshit Mantra Coat!

Fuck barstool!

Fuck Dave Portnoy!

Fuck Boston

Prediction: the victory of the rams, 34-31.

Sean Wilkinson (@Papa_Lurch)

It will be as unbalanced as the national championship game Clemson-Alabama.

The coaching staff of Sean McVay is too creative and the Rams have a lot to do to lose an unbalanced game. Expect to win the battle of the billing en route to the Lombardi Trophy

Prediction: Victoria de los Carneros, 38-17.

3k (@ 3k_)

Few things are better in cold weather (and given what is happening in the Midwest at this time, it’s a euphemism to call it cold) than clam chowder. And I mean the New England fish soup, not that Manhattan demon (it’s actually pretty good).

Prediction: the victory of the rams, 34-31.

Brandon Bate (@NoPlanB_)

Greg Zuerlein gives the Patriots a taste of their own therapeutic purpose with the passage of time. The collective soul of New England is crushed.

Prediction: Rams win, 26-23

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