Vikings S5 E19 Drama & Aventure in History CHN

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Vikings season 5, promo of episode 19: what will happen next?

The promotion for episode 19 of season 5 of VIKINGS launched to tell what will happen in the series History. So, what can fans expect from the next episode of Vikings?

Season 5 of the Vikings takes up the story of next week with episode 19 entitled What Happens in the Cave. A promotion for the new episode launched after episode 18 of season 5 of Vikings, which promised the drama between Ivar (played by Alex Hogh Andersen) and almost all would intensify. This is what will happen next to the Vikings and what spoilers the promotion has given.


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What will happen in season 5 of the Vikings, episode 19?

Season 5 of the Vikings, episode 19, will air on History in the United States on Wednesday, January 23 at 9 am / 8 am.

In the United Kingdom, fans should connect to Amazon Prime the next day (Thursday, January 24) to see what happens in the cave online.The synopsis of the next episode of season 5 of the Vikings says: “Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) forced to fight in a melee, Floki (Gustaf Skarsgard) reaches new depths and encounters a shocking show. (Alexander Ludwig) goes to Scandinavia with a former rival. ”

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The promotion for the next episode of The Vikings summarizes the synopsis and announces other dramatic scenes in What Happens in the Cave.Judging by the new trailer of the Vikings, fans of the plot will see the death of Ivar and the son of Freydis.The promotion of Season 5, Episode 19 opens with an anguished Freydis who asks Ivar: “Did you kill our son?”

Ivar, furious, seized violently from a frightened Freydis, before asking the question: “Was he really my son? You lied to me!” The promo of What Happens in the Cave shows the first fight that follows, with Ubbe giving almost fatal blows to his opponent while Torvi (Georgia Hirst) observes. However, it is Ubbe who is bloody and beaten on the floor at the end of the fight scene, and it is not clear if he will recover in the episode to emerge victoriously.The Viking caravan then goes to the rainy coast and meets Bjorn (Alexander Ludwig) in a tense confrontation with King Herald (Peter Franzen).

While Bjorn clearly wants to work with Ivar and not come together against him, Harald sends a brutal reminder to his fellow Vikings. Harald said to Bjorn sternly: “This is my army, not yours!” Bjorn, disgusted, responds by saying: “If you do not want me to make an agreement with Ivar, you may have to kill me, Bjorn Ironside.” The two men mixed in a thorny battle, the identity of the winner that will be revealed in this episode. The promotion of the Vikings season 5, episode 19, ends with a challenging position by Ivar.Edited with a split second by Hvitserk (Marco Also) and Bjorn, Ivar delivers a message of resistance and declares: “You will never triumph over Kattegat.

“We will always defeat you!” He said, with a furious crowd of his supporters applauding in unison. If Ivar’s position on the throne will be reversed in the next episode of Viking. It will be determined when it aired on History on Wednesday, January 23. Before the fans can see what Ivar will do to Freydis, the Vikings promotion goes to Ubbe. Season 5 and episode 19 continue. Ubbe is still in the presence of the three Danish kings whom he called Baldur to help topple Ivar in Kattegat. Episode 18 ended when one of the kings refused to help Ubbe, offering to leave for a face-to-face fight.