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What to expect to announce GRAMMY Award 2019 appointments

On December 7, GRAMMY nominations for 2019 announced, which will allow artists and music creators to realize their dreams in different genres, places, ages, and backgrounds. And although the nominees will have to wait for the 61st edition of the GRAMMY Awards for CBS, the final results  announced, this nomination will bring this dream closer to the GRAMMY winner. For fans, the pleasure is to know if their favorite artists will have the opportunity to join the legacy of the GRAMMY winners.

But how to get a GRAMMY nomination? Well, for beginners, artists and music creators spend their entire lives honing their skills and developing their talent. The stories behind the music we love are as varied as the artists who created it. Each year, artists, producers, and record companies enter their work for review and members of the Recording Academy analyze who deserves GRAMMY gold for their efforts. For a quick overview of how the mailing and voting process works, visit GRAMMY101.com for information.


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In terms of price, four general categories are among the most anticipated: album of the year, the song of the year, record of the year and best new artist. The other 80 prizes divided into different areas, such as pop, rap, rock, jazz, classical music, etc., or format, as composition/organization, visual music, packages. , Surround / Movie Sounds.

To make sure that the process reflects the great diversity of the music community, the Recording Academy examines annually how the GRAMMY Awards can improve and adapt to changes in the industry. Changes this year include the extension of the previous four general categories from five to eight candidates to better show the many entries in these categories. The Academy also recently announced the implementation of a new community-driven, peer-reviewed membership model.

The desired end of the process is to win the coveted GRAMMY Award. For the artists, musicians, composers, producers, engineers, and artisans honored by GRAMMY, the award represents a highlight of the career. For an overview of these recent changes in life, check out the complete list of winners from last year, led by Bruno Mars, who won six in total for his 24K Magic. And think about it: the Recording Academy has honored musical excellence for more than six decades. Can you guess who won the biggest GRAMMY of all time?

Get ready for the grand revelation of the GRAMMY 61 nominees on Friday, December 7 and come back with us to see the breakdown by group, exclusive artists and more. You can also follow us on social networks to see the reactions of the artists throughout the day in real-time. Good luck to you all!

Meet the first candidate for GRAMMY Award: Protoje in an evolving reggae

The Jamaican singer and his creative force are responding to his first nomination, the importance of about tradition by accepting change and how the reggae crowns put him in touch with musicians such as Bob Marley and Black Uhuru.
Protoje seems urgent in A Matter of Time; that’s good since the fourth album of the Jamaican star captures an artist who carves a new space in the most persuasive tools of the genre: energy and exaltation. The album honors the deeply rooted traditions of the genre, but bursts into a bold and luminous territory, infusing hip-hop rhythms, orchestral jazz scores and dancehall rhythms into transcendent holiday rhythms.

The close relationship of Protoje with the music of his country comes partly from the family, like the son of King Calypso Mike Ollivierre and the Jamaican singer Lorna Bennett. However, the way music has taken Jamaica to the rest of the world is just as important: Protoje spent 2018 on the roads sharing reggae with crowds such as Reading & Leeds and the opening of Lauryn Hill in the United States.

But he is not an artist who is content to rest on his laurels, nor those of reggae as a genre. “I can evolve and I’m free to do it,” he says, discreet and resolute. From the traditions of fashion to music, the 37-year-old artist finds comfort and strength to overcome limits.

Protoje spoke at the Recording Academy about his first GRAMMY nomination for Best Reggae Album, his hope for a conversation with Jay-Z and his pride in helping make reggae a more important part of the global conversation.

What a way to start the year! This is your fourth album and your first GRAMMY nomination for the best Reggae album. Have you seen the rewards as a goal when you started your career?

Let me tell you that I thought that my third album, Ancient Future, would nominate because it was revolutionary when it came out in terms of modern reggae music. Winning a GRAMMY was definitely a goal in my first days. It’s in your mind, you know, maybe one day I’ll get this GRAMMY award, I’ll be nominated. So I guess I thought about it but I was not obsessed with that. So many things have happened since the ancient future. It was very influential. When it came out, we had the best reggae song of this decade. When I was not nominated, I walked away from GRAMMY. I did not expect to be nominated for the room because I thought the third was a certainty. This is how it happens sometimes. It works like this. I pleased to hear that this question nominated. Things happen and when is your moment. You do not have to worry about anything. Take your time and see what happens.

This is an amazing way to see things, and it’s particularly appropriate considering the album called A Matter of Time. What was this instant feeling when you heard about the date? How did you react to?

My mother called me and told me. We work a lot together in my career and we progress. I felt that my team, everyone excited and everyone worked very hard for me. It is good that they feel good and feel proud of it. I only know that I really appreciate my family and the way they supported me. Not all families are in favor, you know; Not all parents support me and I am grateful for the ones I have, and I am happy to make them feel proud. In the Jamaican music scene, there are many people who support each other. Everyone tries to support and help each other. I really like your address.

Beyond the feeling of the nomination, what do you think about your participation in the GRAMMY Awards? Do you have an idea of ​​what you will feel when the prizes begin to be delivered?

For me, it’s great to be here. I am a very discreet and cold person. I will not be overwhelmed or excited. I will not have too many expectations. I will be there with some of my friends, members of my team and my family. I can not wait to see things I’ve never seen before, just to see how things are going at this level. It’s just a learning experience for me.