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Glass (2019)Movie Short Story Line

Glass (2019): Mr. Night Shyamalan summarizes the stories of two of his extraordinary originals, Unbreakable, Touchstone and Universal’s Split 2000, in a new explosive thriller: Glass. Shockproof, Bruce Willis returns with the name of David Dunn. Aas does Samuel L. Jackson by the name of Elijah Price. Aalso known by his pseudonym, Mr. Glass. James McAvoy joined Split, assuming his role as Kevin Wendell Crumb and the multiple identities that live there. And Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the only captive who survived a meeting with The Beast. After the conclusion of Split, Glass discovers that Dunn is pursuing the superhuman figure of Crumb of The Beast in a series of exacerbated encounters, while the dark presence of Price appears as an orchestrator with essential secrets for both men.


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Details About GLASS (2019) Movie

The Glass (2019) is an American superhero thriller film, written, produced and directed by Mr. Night Shyamalan. The film is a continuation of Shyamalan’s earlier films, Unbreakable (2000) and Split (2016), which together form the Eastrail 177 trilogy, and is the latest installment in Bruce Willis’ franchise, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark, and Charlayne Woodard. resume their unbreakable roles, while James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy return as characters from Split, with Sarah Paulson, Adam David Thompson, and Luke Kirby joining the cast. In the film, David Dunn locked in a psychiatric hospital with his former rival, Glass, as well as the “Horde”, who has several personalities and must escape from a psychiatrist who wants to prove that the trio has no superhuman abilities.

Although the launch of Unbreakable is gaining interest after its launch, Touchstone Pictures has chosen not to finance one at that time, despite the good performance of the film at the box office. Shyamalan decided to write Split using a character he had written for Unbreakable but that extracted from the script due to balance problems. Shyamalan realized the opportunity he had to create a trilogy of works and adapted the end of Split to set up the film as part of the unbreakable narrative. This included obtaining the rights to use the unshakable character of Willis at Walt Disney Studios, with the promise of including them in the production and distribution of this third film along with Universal Pictures, as proper. The split was a financial and critical success, and in April 2017, Shyamalan announced that it had launched the glass production process.

The Glass (2019) film released on January 18, 2019, by Universal Pictures in the United States and by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures under the Buena Vista International label in international territories. He has reported more than $ 104 million worldwide and has received mixed criticism from critics. Some found the result disappointing and bleak, although the performances (especially McAvoy and Jackson) and the entertainment value of the first half praised.


Three weeks after Kevin Wendell Crumb received the nickname “The Horde” (represented in Split), the watchman David Dunn and his grown son, Joseph, who worked together to cut the criminals and save four Cheerleaders, kidnapped by crumb. David encounters Kevin in his character “Hedwig” and, after rubbing himself against him, discerns the location of the cheerleaders using his powers of extrasensory perception. He releases the four cheerleaders and confronts Kevin alone in his “Beast” character so that the two men arrested when the ensuing fight overflows the streets.

The two sent to a psychiatric center where Elijah Price, David’s sworn enemy, known as “Mr. Glass”, is being held. Dr. Ellie Staple, the chief physician of the psychiatric institution, works with patients who claim to have special powers. Staple reveals that she has had three days to convince David, Kevin, and Elijah that they are “normal” people who simply believe they have superpowers. Staple also knows that David’s supposed weakness is water and that he has a machine that forces the Horde to change its identity, effectively disarming the Beast.

Joseph, Mrs. Price and Casey Cooke (who survived an attack by the Beast) go to different times to try to help their associates, but they fail. Staple places the three superhumans in an evaluation room and poisons David and the Horde in doubt about their abilities, accusing David of having the same skills as expert magicians and Dennis (a character of the Horde) to copy the Climbers and To be shot by bad cartridges.

The evaluation attracts Elijah to the beast, pushing him to act. Elijah burst into the Horde’s cell to prepare for the awakening of the Beast, but captured and undergoes surgery, who had previously sabotaged the operation, escapes captivity by killing an officer and is going to wake The Beast. Elijah convinces the Beast to fight David at the public opening of the tallest new tower in the city to revive the Horde’s faith and reveal it to the world, before turning to David and forcing him to accept the truth about his superhuman abilities to escape, for fear that Elijah destroys the tower instead of killing it. The Horde and David face off from the hospital and paired until Staple intervenes.

Staple orders all superhuman men to have four armed men, but David and the Beast repel them. Elijah tells The Beast that water is David’s weakness, but Joseph intervenes and reveals to The Beast that Elijah orchestrated the train wreck that killed Kevin’s father, the same train wreck as Elijah Triggered to find David.

After the death of Kevin’s father, his abusive mother began torturing him, resulting in the creation of Kevin’s multiple personalities. The Beast thanks Elijah for creating it, but tells Glass that his goal was to protect Kevin, so he could not trust Mr. Glass. The Beast breaks Glass’s back and then throws David into a water tank. David survives but weakened by water. The Beast withdraws and promises to complete it in the tower. When The Beast leaves, Casey confronts him and forces Kevin to take control of his body, thus recovering his normal human state and taking control of The Beast.

Staple’s men kill Kevin while he is weak, then he dominates David, now weakened, and begins to drown him in a flooded pothole. Staple allows David to touch her when she drowns, which gives her the impression of being part of a secret society that tries to keep the existence of superhumans secret. She told him that if he had convinced him that he was normal, he would have left him alone, but the Beast ruined him. While Elijah finally dies of his wounds, Staple reveals to him that the comics were wrong in the companies of superheroes that obstructed the superheroes and that, in fact, it was a human group like Illuminati. The true brain of the obstruction of heroes and villains. equally. After the death of Elijah, Kevin, and David, Staple removes security images and reports on their mission.

Without the knowledge of Staple, the cameras around the psychiatric center had already been hacked by Elijah and broadcast live on a private network. Soon after, Mrs. Price, Joseph, and Casey receive a copy of the images and decide to make it public, which increases public awareness of the existence of superhumans.


James McAvoy as Kevin Wendell Crumb / The Horde: former employee of the Philadelphia Zoo, which represents 23 different personalities whose body changes chemistry with each personality, this results in a personality number 24 known as “The Beast”. Kevin’s personalities also include Jade (a teenager), Orwell (historian), Barry (an effeminate man), Patricia (a real British woman),

Hedwig (a nine-year-old child), Ann and Mary Reynolds (Irish twin). girls), Dennis (a perverted man with OCD), Norma (a woman from the south), Luke (a film donor from the man from the south) and Mr. Pritchard (a Japanese film teacher).

Bruce Willis as David Dunn / The Overseer: a security officer with superhuman strength, endurance, and invulnerability, as well as an extrasensory ability to see the crimes that people committed on them. touching In the film, Dunn uses a new alias called “The Overseer”.

Samuel L. Jackson as Elijah Price / Mr. Glass: an extremely intelligent mass murderer and a comics theorist with osteogenesis imperfecta type I, institutionalized after Dunn discovered the extent of his crimes.

Sarah Paulson in the role of Dr. Ellie Staple: psychiatrist specializing in great illusions that treat patients convinced that they are superhuman beings. She turns out to be the main antagonist and part of a plot that hides the existence of superhumans.

Anya Taylor-Joy in the role of Casey Cooke: Abused by a teenager, kidnapped by one of Kevin’s personalities as a possible sacrifice to “The Beast”, she survived.

Spencer treats Clark as Joseph Dunn: the son of David who believes in his father’s abilities from childhood and sees him as a real-life superhero.

Charlayne Woodard as Mrs. Price: Elijah’s mother took great care of her son and always told him that he was special, no matter what others said.

Adam David Thompson as Daryl, a psychiatric employee.

Luke Kirby as Pierce, one of the guardians of Mr. Glass’s installation.

Mr. Night Shyamalan resumes his role as Jai, the security officer in the building of Dr. Fletcher in Split, who tells David Dunn that he was the same man he confronted with respect to the sale of drugs in the University stadium of Unbreakable.


After the release of Unbreakable in 2000, rumors of possible sequels began circulating in several interviews and on movie fan sites. In 2000, they cited Bruce Willis in the hope of an unbreakable trilogy. In December 2000, director/writer Mr. Night Shyamalan denied rumors that he wrote Unbreakable as the first installment of a trilogy, claiming he did not even think about it. In August 2001, Shyamalan said that due to the success of DVD sales, he had contacted Touchstone Pictures about an uncontrollable sequel, an idea presented by Shyamalan that led to the denial of the studio due to the disappointing performance of the film.

In an article published in September 2008, Shyamalan and Samuel L. Jackson said it was a sequel at the time of the movie’s production, but that it died to a large extent with the box office disappointing. Jackson said he was still interested in a sequel, but that Shyamalan had not committed himself. In February 2010, Willis had declared that Shyamalan “always thought about making the fight movie between Sam and me that we were going to do,” and said that while Jackson could take part, he would be “ready to play.”

Shyamalan continued working on other films after Unbreakable and in 2016 he released Split. The main antagonist of Split is Kevin Wendell Crumb, played by James McAvoy, a person who suffers from a dissociative identity disorder that affects the chemistry of his body, adapting the modes of the characters. One of these personalities is “The Beast”, which transforms the body of Crumb into a superhuman and wild state, with the want to consume those who have not experienced a trauma, which he does not consider “broken”. “Crumb written in the Unbreakable script, but Shyamalan felt that his inclusion posed balance problems and got him out of the story, Split was actually rewritten from some scenes he had planned for Crumb and turned them into an independent reputation.

The last scene of Split includes the appearance of David Dunn, played by Willis. Shyamalan included Dunn here to connect Split with Unbreakable. Dunn learned to escape from “The Beast”, realizing that there are other superhumans in the world, as predicted by Mr. Glass (Jackson). By including this scene, he realized that it might be possible to complete a movie trilogy. Shyamalan said: “I hope [a third unbreakable movie happens] The answer is yes, I’m a jerk once in a while.” I do not know what will happen when I go to my room. A week after the beginning of the movie, to write the script, but I will start writing.

I have a very solid scheme, which is quite complex, but now the standards for my schemes are higher. I need to know that I’ve already won … I’m almost there, but I’m not. “Unbreakable produced under Touchstone, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios, while Split produced by Universal Pictures, and Shyamalan had to get permission from Disney to reuse Dunn.” Shyamalan met Sean Bailey, president of Walt Disney Studios, about the character, they reached a gentlemen’s agreement in which Bailey agreed to allow the use of the character in the film without cost and Shyamalan promised that Disney would be involved in a sequel if it developed.

In February 2017, Shyamalan claimed that his next film would be the third work in the Eastrail 177 trilogy. Shyamalan completed the script in April 2017 and announced that it would be called Glass. January 18, 2019. Universal will distribute the film in the United States and Disney will distribute it internationally through its Buena Vista International label.


Between the actors of both films: Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark and Charlayne Woodard of Unbreakable, James McAvoy and Anya Taylor-Joy of Split will resume their respective roles in Glass. Sarah Paulson also joined the cast as a new character. In November of 2017, Adam David Thompson joined the cast in an undisclosed role.


The main shooting of the film began on October 2, 2017, in Philadelphia after a week of rehearsals. Shyamalan had planned a 39-day shootout during this period. October 31, 2017, it reported that Shyamalan was filming the movie at Allentown State Hospital and filming there for a few weeks. On December 12, 2017, Shyamalan revealed that four scenes would be photographed in January 2018, which indicates that he should travel for these scenes. February 16, 2018, a scene filmed at Bryn Mawr College in the sports center. July 12, 2018, the first official photographs of the production published, including shots of Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson and James McAvoy. Unbreakable deleted scenes were also used as backward sequences in the movie.


West Dylan Thordson returned to mark the film after collaborating with the director in Split. He used themes from the Unbreakable partition by James Newton Howard, along with those of Split, in this score. The score is now digitally distributed by Back Lot Music.


On April 25, 2018, the film shown at CinemaCon in the presence of Shyamalan. He presented images of the film, as well as the first official reputation, with the characters of Willis, Jackson, and McAvoy. He also expressed his intention with the film that says: “The worlds of Unbreakable and Split finally collide in Glass”. What if these real-life superheroes and supervillains were somehow united? Could it go wrong? “He considered it the” first truly animated cartoon film. ”

On July 12, 2018, the first official photographs of the production published, including shots of Samuel L. Jackson, Sarah Paulson and James McAvoy. On July 20, 2018, the film promoted to San Diego Comic-Con. Shyamalan, Willis, Jackson, Taylor-Joy, and Paulson attended a panel where the first trailer of the film made.


The glass screened on January 18, 2019, in the United States by Universal Pictures and in international territories by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures under the Buena Vista International label. The first projection of Glass took place on January 12, 2019, in 25 locations of the movie Alamo Drafthouse.

GLASS (2019) MOVIE: Box Office

As of January 22, 2019, Glass had returned $ 50.3 million to the United States and Canada and $ 50.2 million to other territories, for a gross total of $ 100.5 million. Production of $ 20 million.

In the United States and Canada, glass expected to bring between 3,841 cinemas between $ 50 million and $ 75 million during its four-day MLK Day weekend. He won $ 16 million on the first day, including $ 3.7 million after the Thursday night premieres, which marked the best result of Shyamalan’s career. Then he earned a gross profit of $ 40.5 million during the first weekend (and $ 46.5 million for four days). Although it reached the end of the projections, the film dominated the box office and obtained the third best weekend total of Martin Luther King and Shyamalan’s career.

Internationally, the film expected to generate between $ 45 and $ 50 million in revenue during its first weekend, for a total opening of $ 105 to $ 120 million. He ended up making $ 48.5 million in international markets and a global opening of $ 89.1 million. He finished first in most markets, while his most profitable countries were Russia ($ 5.2 million), Mexico ($ 4.5 million, the best for a Shyamalan film), the United Kingdom. United Kingdom ($ 4.3 million), France ($ 3.4 million) and the South. Korea ($ 2.8 million). The film had a lower performance in Japan, which rated as the largest foreign market for Unbreakable in 2000.

GLASS (2019) MOVIE: Critical response’s

In the review of the Rotten Tomatoes aggregator, the film approved with an approval rating of 37% based on 279 revisions, with an average score of 5.1 / 10. The critical consensus of the site reads as follows: “The glass shows some flashes “Mr. Night Shyamalan in his best constructor in the world, but finally disappointed by the conclusion of the long trilogy of the writer-director.” In Metacritic, which assigns standard ratings to critics, the film has a weighted average of 42 100, based on 48 reviews, which show “mixed or medium reviews.” Viewers interviewed by CinemaScore rated the film as “B” with an average of A + F, below Split “B +”, but above Unbreakable “C”, while PostTrak rated it gave a positive overall score of 70% and a positive rating. “I definitely recommend it” 49%.

GLASS (2019) MOVIE: the biggest disappointment of Shyamalan’s career

David Ehrlich of IndieWire called the movie “C-” and described it as the biggest disappointment of Shyamalan’s career, and wrote: “The problem with Glass is not that its creator sees his own reflection at every step, or that it comes out So far from his path to turning the film into a clear parable for the many stages of his hectic career, the problem with Glass is that his meta-textual narrative, a bit intriguing, is much richer and more compelling than the plot that Shyamalan It counts on its surface. ” When writing for Rolling Stone, David Fear rated the film with 3/5 stars. He wrote:

GLASS (2019) MOVIE: Glass is not the fiery flop

“Glass is not the fiery flop that some have already suggested, but neither is it the movie you want to link ambitious notions to in a world where all movies are now genocide.” Ice cream is a great gesture characterized by a sense of ambivalence about what you have just seen, which in itself can be a sign of failure. “Laura Di Girolamo of Exclaim wrote the 6/10 film writing:” As a follow-up to two films that have very little to do with each other, Glass fights more when it tries to be an effective ending to a trilogy. that we never realized it was one ”

GLASS (2019) MOVIE: It’s good to see Shyamalan again

Owen Gleiberman, of Variety, said: “It’s good to see Shyamalan again (to some extent) fit, as he has found his core as a wire spinner, but Glass is taking care of us without chasing us. Maybe it’s because revisiting this material is a bit opportunistic, and maybe because the deluge of comics now threatens to engulf us every day, let the mystery of the comics move. ”

GLASS (2019) MOVIE: disappointing, half-baked, slightly

Richard Roeper, of the Chicago Sun-Times, described the film as a “disappointing, half-baked, slightly acid and even unpleasant ending”. Joshua Rivera, of GQ, said that “the timeline is barely comprehensible, with turns so openly telegraphed that they would have saved the Titanic.”




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