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Vikings Season 5 Episode 15 | Episode Name: Hell | Air date: December 26, 2018 | Previous episode: The Lost Moment | Next episode: The Buddha

Vikings Season 5 Episode 15 : HELL

Watch online HERE ::: http://bit.ly/2V9gOGr

Watch online HERE ::: http://bit.ly/2QM8Swu

Here is a summary of the history of the story of the episode: “Bishop Heahmund (played by Jonathan Rhys Meyers) is guilty of guilt as he struggles to renounce his passions; The Viking confronts Saxon on the battlefield, leaving one key figure in the balance. ”

The story also dropped a trailer that begins with Ubbe (Jordan Patrick Smith) and gives King Alfred (Ferdia Walsh-Peelo) an improvement speech before the fight.

“You must find your value or you are not worthy to wear this crown,” the warrior told the English monarch, shaking him.

Words of encouragement seem to do the trick, because Alfred looks roaring as he goes to battle.

Bishop Heahmund is guilty of guilt as he struggles to renounce his passions; Viking faces Saxon on the battlefield, leaving a key figure in balance.

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Vikings Season 5 Episode 15: Features

The scene passes quickly in a field in flames where a silhouette that resembles a demon with horns appears when it points to Heahmund with long, fragile fingers, like roots. The flames are at their peak and there is another figure of the wolf-faced man, screaming as the orange flames flash in the background. Between the two terrifying images, one sees Ivar the undead, where he looks, empty, wrapped in a thin shawl, but sitting close to the view, which could be hell.

The vision sends shivers down the back of Bishop Heahmund, who confesses to Lagertha that he “was afraid.” Why would not it be? He himself soaked with blood and screaming during the vision. The 30-second trailer opens with the claim that a bloody battle is just around the corner; Therefore, we see that Ubbe gives King Alfred a speech of encouragement: “You must find your courage, otherwise you are not worthy to wear this crown,” said the monarch of Wessex (today, England).

Vikings Season 5 Episode 15: Battle

Soon after, we see Alfred roar on the battlefield as he leads an army dressed in light armor. The charge begins and the fire of hell goes on when men go to war. King Alfred seems to be caught in a dilemma when he tells Ubbe “We risk killing our own men”, and Ubbe shouts quickly: “Do you want to win?”

Then come to the battle scenes where the two sides collide violently on the battlefield while King Alfred shouts “In the fight! Pointing the sword send, shouting the cause” for Christ, for Wessex, and for England! “We see Torvi fighting, with Heahmund, Lagertha, and Ubbe, and soon the bloody battle has Lagertha’s face stained red.

An eagle-eyed fanatic on Reddit spotted two unlikely characters on the battlefield. Magnus represents a brief second with Harald. The fans are curious to understand why Magnus could have switched sides. As the last episode of the season supposed to give us the most lethal battle of the season, a premise for the death of an important character is also established. Ivar the Boneless has already killed the Seer after announcing prophecies, he did not like the sound.

Vikings Season 5 Episode 15: Edge

The narration of the story of the episode is as follows: “Bishop Heahmund feels guilty as he struggles to abandon his passions, fighting between Vikings and Saxons on the battlefield, leaving a key character lost in balance.”

The fifth season begins with Ivar the desert affirming his leadership in the Pagan Grand Army, while Lagertha reigns as the Queen of Kattegat. The murder of his brother Sigurd by Ivar paves the way for a fierce struggle when Ragnar’s sons plan their next steps after avenging the death of his father. Bjorn continues his destiny in the Mediterranean Sea and Floki, who suffers the loss of his wife Helga, goes to the seas submitting to the will of the gods. This season is full of amazing alliances and incredible betrayals while the Vikings fight to rule the world.

Viking Ragnar Lothbrok is a young farmer and family man frustrated by the policy of his local boss, Earl Haraldson, who sends his Viking raiders to the eastern Baltic states and Russia, whose inhabitants are as poor as the Indians. Ragnar wants to cross the ocean to the west, to discover new civilizations. With the help of his friend Floki, Ragnar builds a fleet of faster and more elegant ships to help him travel to the western world. Over the years, Ragnar, who claims to be a direct descendant of the god Odin, continues to fight with Earl until the two faces off in a last battle for supremacy. After that, Ragnar goes in search of new territories to conquer.

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