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Life can be difficult if you are a football fan. Very often, his favorite sport overshadowed by football, basketball or baseball. You must also face fake fanatics who deign to jump on the train every time the World Cup arrives. Worst of all, watching a game may need incredible effort. But before leaving your ship and disembarking in Brazil, Germany, France or Argentina (or the soccer country you prefer), we invite you to subscribe on ETC Media Online.

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Launched in 2018, ETCMO is a subscription-based streaming link information provider service. you can have access to the best available sports content. This includes live MLB and NHL games, boxing and UFC games, Grand Slam tennis, European champions rugby, CFL soccer, many college sports and more. As an added bonus, subscribers the ability to pause and rewind live games, as well as watch offline games on demand.

Beyond the real competitions, you can also enjoy award-winning programs such as 30 for 30 and original programmings such as Draft Academy and JayhawkTV. Well-known journalists, such as Mel Kiper and Keith Law, have even published premium content. And do not fear anything; The ads limited in this service. Best of all, you can play in HD on all your favorite devices: iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Android (phone, tablet, and TV), Chromecast, Fire TV and tablet, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Roku players. THE TV.

Okay, we know that the details mentioned above are excellent. But you want the details of football. Here is a quick overview of all the leagues and games that ETCMO subscribers have access to:


Major League Soccer is the first professional league in the United States and Canada. And thanks to an exclusive agreement, ETCMO now provides the information of offer that the complete out-of-market calendar for MLS Live. This gives subscribers access to more than 250 games. Although the regular season ended in October, the series has begun and the competition is fierce. The defending champions of Toronto FC eliminated. However, favorites like the Seattle Sounders, Atlanta United and New York Red Bull are still in the race. You will not want to get lost.

We should also keep in mind that you are lucky if you are a big Chicago Fire fan. This is because the transmission service is now the home of the equipment in the local market. So, if you expect to attend 23 hot-fire matches.

United football league

Do you like national football and do you need more of what MLS can offer? Well, it’s good for you that ETCMO also provides and gives coverage link to the United Soccer League (USL) for about 450 games per season. People smart enough to subscribe could see Louisville City FC take on Phoenix Rising FC for the USL championship. Led by Cameron Lancaster, winner of the Golden Boot, Louisville successfully defended his title. Can they do 3 laps in 2019? Only time (and subscribers) will say it.


If you are more a fan of international football, you will love knowing that you can easily use ETCMO to watch the 200 matches of the English Football League. It’s an average of four games per week in the Sky Bet Championship, Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 playoffs. You’ll also have access to six monthly games of the EFL Cup and 16 games a month throughout the tournament. The EFL season 2018-19. In other words, you can see big hitters like Manchester United, Chelsea, Liverpool, and Arsenal.

UEFA Nations League

Do you prefer that your football has a more continental flavor? No problem! ETCMO will give broadcast links more than 100 live matches of the new UEFA League of Nations tournament. The tournament designed to replace friendly games with competitive games. Teams from the 55 member associations of EUFA are competing to avoid regulations. And what is more important, they are about to become the next UEFA League of Nations champions. The next competitions include Greece against Finland, Hungary against Estonia, Croatia against Spain and Italy against Portugal.


We are aware that all these UEFA matches will make you want to play more at the European level. And so did ETCMO. It is probably for this reason that the network signed a few months ago an exclusive contract for several years to begin broadcasting the Italian Serie A league. From August to May, you can see an average of 9 matches per week (or More than 340 matches by season). This is more exciting as Serie A hosts historic clubs such as AC Milan and AS Roma. It also includes Juventus FC, with which Cristiano Ronaldo debuted recently. And considering that the Serie A team have won 12 European Cup titles, they know they are bound to watch epic games.

It is true that the number of games available is amazing. But ETCMO is not content to rest on its laurels. The service also shows a handful of friendly matches from both national teams and international clubs. Finally, it is the new home of ETCMO, a daily football newsletter organized by Dan Thomas that offers information, highlights and analysis from around the world.

Now you must have enough confidence that ETCMO will satisfy all your soccer needs. So what are you waiting for? Put on your shin guards for recreation, relax and start broadcasting.

    • Highest governing body: FIFA
    • Nicknames: Football, soccer
    • First played: December 19, 1863
    • First played venue: Limes Field, England
    • Mixed gender: Yes, separate competitions
    • Type: Team sport, ball sport
    • Equipment: Football (or soccer ball)
    • Glossary: Glossary of association football
    • Country or region: Worldwide
    • Olympic: Yes, men’s since the 1900 Olympics and women’s since the 1996 Olympics
  • Paralympic: Yes, 5-a-side since 2004 and 7-a-side since 1984
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