Chelsea v Manchester United: Has Jose Mourinho changed since his debut at Stamford Bridge?

Chelsea vs. Manchester United: Has José Mourinho changed since his debut?

Jose Mourinho has changed since his early days at Chelsea
José Mourinho returns to Chelsea with Manchester United on Saturday, live for ETCMO, but has he changed since his debut at Stamford Bridge? We ask our experts …
Mourinho has won three Premier League titles in two episodes at Chelsea, including two in his first seasons as a coach.
He has not yet approached a league trophy at United, but how has he changed since his early Chelsea years and can he replicate that success?
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We asked our experts before Chelsea-Manchester United, live in Sky Sports Premier League this weekend …
Phil Thompson
I do not think Mourinho has resorted to the new ideas of Pep Guardiola, Jurgen Klopp, and Mauricio Pochettino and he has not managed to adapt to the new style of football. He knows how to do it and refuses to change his ideas despite modern football, and that is his biggest problem.
I do not think Mourinho can win the league at Manchester United. I was involved with Gerard Houllier in Liverpool and sometimes it is difficult to blur the conversation, the rumors in the press, etc.
Mourinho knows that if it is a result or a slip of the language of a player, it is possible that the fires are lit everywhere. Sooner or later, a bad result will come and it does not matter if it’s against a big team like Chelsea this week or a smaller team a few weeks later, it will still have a big impact.
Matt Le Tissier
I think he has lost some of his sense of humor, he has become a bad-tempered old man. It’s a shame because when he first came, I loved his attitude and his arrogance, but now he lost that little sparkle and sparkle in his eyes when we could see he was having fun. Little, but it has been lost over the years.
Maybe only the years dedicated to this work are a concern. The buildup of this, plus what is happening in Manchester City, puts it under additional pressure.
I would be surprised if he won the championship with Manchester United, it would probably be the greatest achievement of his career if he could win the championship given what happens at Manchester City.
Charlie Nicolás
It is as if I am falling again in this syndrome of the third season. It seems he’s been so unhappy since he set foot in Manchester. It seems that nothing was good for him, which is really strange for a guy like him who has been so successful in all these great clubs.
Chelsea vs Manchester United

20 October 2018, at 11:30
The only thing he has always done is repair the defense and that is the only thing he could not do. Even his purchases are generally good in defense, but he really struggles to find the answer to Old Trafford in this defense. It’s a big difference because going forward has never been your strength, but you can count on him to repair a defense, but this time he did not.
Paul Merson
Jose has a model that works. He looks tired, for me. He has been working almost every day since 2005 in the best clubs, and I mean the “pressure” clubs. Not the clubs where, if you win, you win, and if you lose, it’s not news. If United even ties matches, an investigation is opened. He only looks tired and frustrated, and when it happens to you, it’s not a good recipe. There is enough time to know how far they are from the title.
Why change when you have a model that has won everything? People have this in life, saying never change everything that is not broken. It works for him. The way he manages his team, the way he organizes them, has won leagues everywhere. Then, why should I change?
David Moyes believes Mourinho needs more time to improve Manchester United
Manchester City spent more money, but they also bought better. I’m a Chelsea supporter, and when we won the league a few years ago and we were 2-0 at halftime, we knew that he was also going to be 2-0 full time. Man City is the best team in Europe, I would not say that they show it.
If they are among the first four, this allows them to plant trees for the time being. Football is an old fun game, and they could go to Chelsea, win 3-0 and that is a great result. You do not know with Mourinho. I never would have tried, he did too much in the game. I was a manager at a lower level, I know how hard it is, so do what he does, my God.
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