Who is the Argentina coach: Messi or Sampaoli

Argentina could not show good performance in the group stage of Russia World Cup. But in the meantime Cheung became the team’s captain Lionel Messi in the last match of the team against Nigeria, or coach of the team! Sampaoli felt quite shocked at the buzz. So he opened his mouth.

“We discussed all plans with Messi as captain only on that day,” Sampaoli said after the second round match against France. It was our party talk. But the way things are being promoted, nothing is going on. The responsibility of the team is still to me. 
He said, ‘Will I be a coach? I have a contract here and I am satisfied with my agreement. As long as I am here, I will fight. ‘
The buzz was that since the conversation between Sampaoli and Messi was essentially the match against Nigeria, Sampaoli, where he has been seen, is asking his captain that he (Sampauli) will take Sergio Aguero to the ground. Due to Messi’s permission to make such a crucial decision as the team’s player changes, the question originally raised up to the responsibility of Sampaoli.
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