Who are ahead to take charges as an Argentine Coach?

Argentine coach Jose Sampaoli is demanding the dismissal of the Argentine team due to bad performance. The country’s media outlets have been talking to them. The possibility of removing Sampaoli cannot be ruled out in the present situation. And who can come to Messi as the next boss? It is not clear, however, many names are being heard in this case.

Former mediator Marcelo Galardo and former forward Ricardo Gareca are ahead in this list. Again Argentina’s former coach and football legend Diego Maradona again spoke about coaching wishes. So his issue is also discussed.
Between them, the 60-year-old Gareca are ahead. Because 36 years later, Peru had a major role to play in the World Cup. Although the Argentine forward is not willing to stay with the group after being dropped in the group stage and the Argentine forward, the former Argentine forward. Said Argentina is its own country, there is a great honor to work as a coach.
On the other hand, along with Gareca, Galardo is also interested in the country’s football federation. Argentine club River Plate manager Galardo has a reputation for the use of visualization techniques. Not only that, it is also in the company of the Federation to develop the mind of the players by using intelligence and techniques. Besides, he is very successful in the current club River Plate.
Maradona cannot be blown again. Argentina was appointed as the coach before the 2010 World Cup. But the 86-year-old World Cup winning captain could not fulfill the dream of the Argentine World Cup. But the interest of the newest is also considering the Federation is in the midst of the federation’s federation
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