Who are ahead of the Golden Boot Race in FIFA World Cup 2018 ?

Gold boots are given to the top scorer in the World Cup. Star footballers are looking for that. Who is going to win this year’s World Cup? It is difficult to say before the final, but in the meantime he has got an ignition. The English footballer Harry Kane is already well ahead of this race. In the second round, the number of goals scored by the British captain in the second round against Colombia was 6. Although he has got four of his penalties. But at the end of the day it is not the main thing. The number of goals is the actual account.
Cristiano Ronaldo (4 goals) was the possible rival of Harry Kane. But there is no longer a chance because of the departure from the tournament. But Harlie Kane struggled with 4 goals in Rome’s Lemaku of Belgium. His team will face Brazil on Friday next year.
The other three goals are in Edinson Cavani of Uruguay, Kylian Mbape of France, Arctum Zuba of Russia, Dennis Cherishev, Diego Costa of Spain, Yari Mina of Colombia. In this, they were knocked out of Spain and Colombia farewell competition.
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