When referee is the main reason for fearing

In each World Cup, two villains emerge in the middle of the field. The US referee Mark Giger, who has been portrayed as a villain, The United States does not represent Russia in the World Cup, two referees represent the world’s most powerful country. And in each match, they are convincing. As Gerard Marufo, Mark Gregor should meet Donald Trump.

Moroccan French coach Harvey Rennard picked up Mark Gigar in a courtroom after being hit by Portugal at the Luzhoni stadium, in Kathgara. But the team’s best creative midfielder, Nardin Hamad, did not remain silent. If the match is properly judged, the team that won the match is not Portugal, or Morocco. We can say directly, ‘Cristiano Ronaldo has dragged my jersey into the box but the referee did not give the penalty to the Moroccan side. The referee went to Pep and asked, “Have you seen Ronaldo dragged his jersey?” This is a World Cup, not a joke! ‘
FIFA has blamed the allegations against Guevara.
Guevara has been facing criticism in the Spartak Moscow Stadium in the England-Colombia second round match. The United States Referee had robbed the match from Colombia with massive robbery. That penalty was scored by the penalty, why did Harry give victory to England, it was not a penalty. Why did he blame, he hugged Sanchez himself. Referee did not take help of video assistant referee actually the people of baseball nation will understand the refereeing football! Argentina’s World Cup winning captain apologized to Colombians, saying their players are not responsible for Colombia’s rate of loss.
After a quiet gentleman coach like José Pekerman, the referee Gigar has blamed the press conference directly after the match. Said England’s players repeatedly used pressure on the referee to foil against his team. The referee worked for England.
Colombian striker Radamel Falcaou’s complaint is sharper. The United States and United Kingdom saw Falcao in the United States. Especially due to the proximity of languages He said, ‘He was always speaking in English, it is a loose partiality. He passed 50-50 decisions on behalf of England. Otherwise why would we see six yellow cards? ‘
Many people can say that the referee’s hand should be more yellow card than the numerical knowledge. Was a mathematical teacher of the United States Pine Beech. Absurdly left teaching in 2013 to concentrate in referencing. Major League Soccer (MLS) regular referee he The fourth referee in the last World Cup semi-shame of Brazil with 7-1 in Brazil. So far, five matches have been played in the World Cup, the yellow card behind the match showed 2.6.
There was a debate about Giger already. In the 2015 Gold Cup case, he still cursed him. Panamá complained against him, in the semifinal of the tournament, he mistakenly showed a player of a red card to a player, who was controversially awarded the penalty, and that is why he lost to Mexico 2-1.
Tomorrow is the quarter-finals, Russia World Cup has now seen the gold trophy for any team. If there is a bad shadow of a referee like Giger coming to the final step, he will be heartbreaking on any team.
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