The harmful side effects by using headphones

With the advancement of technology, everyday life of the people is becoming dynamic and comfortable. But this blessing of science sometimes leads to harm. Even causes death. Headphone is a technology that has many harmful aspects. Although this small gadget is a small gadget, many of us do not know about its side effects or the harmful aspects. If you do not delay, then do not know about some side effects of headphones.
1. Hearing Complications 
When you use headphones or earphones, the audio goes directly to your ears. If the hearing of 90 decibel or higher levels is heard, then hearing can complicate and even you can lose your listening ability forever. If you use AirPhone for only 15 minutes on 100 decibels, you may lose hearing.
2. The barrier to entering the air is 
now available in some earphone but it has health risks. These earphone aircans have been entered. It cannot enter the air inside the ear. Thereby, the probability of infection is high.
People who use earphones who have pain in ear, are generally facing problems. Occasionally there is a blurring in the ear. This is also the sign of loss.
4. Infertility or inflammation of ear 
should be used by one of the headphones. But we share an earphone with multiple people, friends. It has the possibility of infection in the ear. Because one of the ear germs of the ear is carried through the earphone. So do not share earphone from now on. If you use germs before using it.
Inability to listen to hearing, some studies have revealed that the people who heard loud music using the Air Phone came in their ears. Although this is normal, you can lose hearing power while playing music loudly for long periods of time.
6. Bad effects on the brain 
Electromagnetic waves caused by headphones can cause danger to your brain. And those who use Bluetooth headphones are at greater risk. The ear is connected directly to the brain. So headphones directly hit your brain.
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