The Croatian goalkeeper was told that they know Russias response

Although there is no attention of football fans in Croatia at the start of the World Cup, the team is going through several incidents. Croatia playing great in the World Cup After winning all their games, Group D to Croatia became the group champions in the last sixteen. They beat Denmark in a tiebreaker by hitting the last sixteen.

The hosts will meet on Saturday, Russia and Croatia.

They lost the 2010 World Cup champions in the last match of Russia. So not only the experts, football fans are all thinking that there is a high probability of the battle of the two countries in the quarter-finals.
However, Croatia goalkeeper Danijel Subasic has been responding to the jolt footballers in Russia. Danijel Subasic, who became a great man by making extraordinary goals against Denmark, is claiming that they are ready to handle the challenges of the Russian aggression.
Danijel Subasic said, ‘They will play in the field. There will be plenty of support for them. The team is also very good. But we will be ready for any situation on Saturday. “He added, “We know this Russian reply.”
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