Sensational information came forward that why Messi failed to make in the World Cup?

Russia has departed from the World Cup, one of the favorites is Argentina. Lionel Messi has not been able to match himself in Russia. Already he is facing severe criticism around the world. It has been said, Messi’s failure is the reason for Argentina’s exit. Messi did not open his mouth after the team’s departure. The Argentine star did not respond to critics anymore.
Argentina was the main star, and there was an extra burden on him. Expectations were more. Messi’s contribution to the World Cup in Russia was a goal and two goals to help. What is the reason for such a failure? It is a sensational information that came out in front of him.
According to the data, Messi has got just two passes from the teammates in the opposing box. One of them is against Croatia, another match against Iceland. Messi shot a shot in the box against Croatia. But the opposition defenders block it. 
The information further says that midfielders from Argentina midfielders fail to raise the ball in the final three. After reaching the Eva Banega in the last two matches, some pass rises in the final third region. But that number was not enough.
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