Russia ban on Argentine fans in Worldcup

In the 2018 Russia World Cup, the ban on 400 fans and restrictions on around three thousand Argentine fans impose.

They are going to implement this decision on Argentine supporters on the basis of prior experience.
An Argentine football official said an agreement signed with the Russian Federation. There Russia has explicitly told that they will not approve a controversial supporter. In particular, a member of the ‘Baras Bravas’ group will not bare from entering the stadium in June.
Guillermo Maduro, the security director of the Argentine football match, said at least four hundred Argentine names have been given to Russia who cannot enter the stadium. But this number may increase further.
The Argentine government sent six security officials to Russia to stop Barass Braves. Members of this group often make problems in local matches. They do not able to enter any venue even if they go to Russia.
Note that ‘Baras Bravas’ is a violent football supporter group in Latin America and much like the Altras support group in Europe. It established in the 1950s.
Ref.- bd-pratidin
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