Ronaldo told about Neymar!

Brazil is one of the favorites team of the Russia World Cup 2018. But the team’s life is not yet surprising, as Neymar is yet to give a surprise to this year’s biggest tournament. At the same time, he has to cope with the expectations of pressure, fulfillment, criticism and everything. And he stood beside him in such a difficult time, the world’s most famous legendary Brazilian player Ronaldo.
Neymar is losing control over emotion He broke the tears after the Brazil-Costa Rica match on Friday. Many Brazilians are watching this issue with boggling! But Ronaldo, the country’s former star, is not looking like that. Again, he stood beside Neymar Regularly talking to Neymar, Talked the day before the match.
According to Ronaldo, ‘Neymar has returned to the field after recovering from a new big injury. We should keep this in mind. And the confidence is getting back. Sure, the goal against Costa Rica will give him more confidence. Neymar will make more goals.’

Ronaldo also said, “Neymar dribbling, passing, shooting – all doing the same. Run away The mind says this round will inspire him and the team.
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