Probable XI of Brazil against Mexico

There have been several incidents in Russia already in the World Cup. Argentina, after defending champions Germany’s exit in the group stage, lost the first match of the knockout stage to France. Portugal lost Uruguay in the second match of the same day. Apart from this, Spain has left Russia last night, leaving Spain. Mexico-Brazil, all around the world, are on the alert today.

Can Brazil win with Mexico? This answer is just looking for the whole football world. Fear of the fans is not the end. Thiago Silva and Miranda pair on how much of the match depends on how to counter the Mexican attack. Marcelo is also worried about the injury. But eventually the most discussed topic is the share of Brazil’s attack. Which led by Neymar although at the start of the tournament, it was a little rugged but he showed Brazil strong enough to win the 2-0 win over Serbia in the last match of the group. Not only Neymar, Phillip Kutinoho’s form must also be growing. 
Possible XI of Brazil
Goalkeeper – Alison 
Defender – Marcelo, Thiago Silva, Miranda,  
Fagna Midfielder – Paulinho, Cassimiro, Philippi Kutinho, Willian 
Forward – Neymar and Jesse
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