Password related tips how to keep the IT world safe

We live in technology-dependent era. People are increasingly dependent on technology as the day goes on. And this level has multiplied the internet and cyber world. However, there have been many problems. For example, a lot of things going on from computer data to Facebook accounts, bank credit or debit cards, e-mail etc. are going away to unwanted people.
However, this problem can be solved if you are little aware of its password. 
1. Make a Strong Password
Your password should be between 10 and 15 characters. And there is a need to keep small letters, capital letters, numbers, or special characters like @, $ or *. And it cannot be the same as the previous password.
2. Be sure to enter your password anywhere:
Be careful when entering a site or app, or entering password in public cues or charging stations. Public WiFi, Airport, Preferred Coffee Shop, Hotel Room or Your College Classroom Computer must refrain from using password. And never change your password from those public places. It will be done by a personal smartphone or computer.
3. Use a few level security:
Use two level or higher level authentication to enter your account. To access an account, be sure to take your phone number or step by step.  
4. Use unique passwords in each website or app:
Many people use the same password in different accounts. Many people are stupid to use the same password on Facebook, Mail, Yahoo or different websites. But it’s a big security risk. In any case, if all the accounts were lost in a passbook, they were at risk.
5. Avoid connected accounts:
What is the associated account? If you wish to use Facebook account, you can open accounts on other sites. But by doing this, going to the website is better to open a new account. The associated account is very comfortable. But there is a lot of risk in this comfortable system!
6. Keep an eye on trying to attack your account;
If the news is attacked in your website or app, then it should be careful. If anyone else is affected, then take a look. It may also be necessary to change the password quickly.
7. If you do not like passwords with information that is easily available online:
Then your pet cats love it very much. She named her sweetie. Now if you keep the password with it then others can catch it. Harry Potter fan, so you will not get the Harry Potter password.
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