On July 27th, the world was closer to Mars

On the 27th of this month, the world will be closer to Mars. This is the first time since 27 August 2003, when Mars will be the closest point in the world. That’s what NASA said. NASA also says, Mars will remain fully visible till the end of 27-31, because the entire light of the sun will fall on Mars. And it will be clear from the earth. 
On July 31, Mars will have distance of 35.8 million miles. Mars and Sun’s position are in the opposite direction in space. So the sun will be filled in the time of Mars After every 15 to 17 years, Mars and Sun remain in this way. This time it is actually the time when Mars is sunk in the Sun, when Mars is nearing the sun. That’s why the red planet will be so bright. This time it is called Mars Aposition.
So, no longer late, space folks are ready. The telescope, whatever the machinery is, and anyone who wants to contact the astronomy research centers can see this rare scene in space. Otherwise, we have to wait again for 15 years, from the gloom of the red planet to the world’s brightest viewing opportunity.
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