Mexico Coach Carlos says what about Brazil before going to the field

Brazil is one of the most promising teams of World Cup until now, the whole group of Nimma’s fame cannot be seen, but fans are looking at him. Mexico, on the other hand, has a great rhythm in Mexico. In the group stage, the defending champions Germany have already lost sight of the football world. And with these calculations, Brazil and Mexico are facing the last sixteen matches tonight.
Before the match, about the Brazil team, Mexico coach Juan Carlos Asorio said that Brazil is a great team. With courage I can say that they are the best. Because, at the same time, the footballers of this team have the power to control and pass the ball. Their three strengths – firstly, have midfield players like Paulinho and Kutinehor Three of their high-ups are in attack, it can be four or five, such as Neymar, Willian, Kutinho, Jesseus and Douglas Kosta, if they are in XI. This is a great team! Everyone in the defense is able to keep the game in check. Everyone can go to great attack.
As well as the coaches of the Brazil coach, Mexico coach said, one of the best coaches in the world who know how footballers match the right level in the field. Her thoughts always have a strong midfield. There are footballers like Fernandinho-Cassemiro.
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