Maradona was told about Brazil and World Cup this year

Argentine football star Diego Maradona said “I was delighted to see Brazil’s game”. They are a very strong team. I think Brazil will be the World Cup champion. That is the way Teeter team is moving.

Maradona has said this in an interview with the World Cup on the Venezuelan TV channel. He told Neymar that he would cry to you, smile again. Neymar must have said to his fans, you either smile us, or cry. Or do two things in the same match. I also think that Neymar’s game was seen in Brazil-Mexico matches. Frankly, I enjoyed Neymar and Brazil’s game in all. When the Mexicans killed Neymar, I wanted to cry like I did. Neymar’s ball was trying to laugh at me after running on foot. I liked the beautiful passes, dribbling, taking place, unmaking myself in the goal scoring area.
I admire the Brazilian coach. The Brazil team has very good coaching and the tremendous trends team in Brazil is understood to see the boys’ boys playing against Mexico. Mexicans did not have much better chance against Neymar.
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