Malaika talks only for money and said this is not the relationship

Australia scheduled to attend an event in Victoria. According to pre-conditions, the organizers also made all the arrangements. Malaika Arora clarified that she would not join Australia’s fashion event in the end. Which starts with a little bit.

It is known that on Sunday, Victoria was scheduled to attend a fashion event in Victoria, Bollywood actress Malaika Arora said, from 15 July to 17 July Malaika will be in the event. However, before the appearance of event, the organizers of the meeting had to give all the rights to Malaika. But did not work according to the words.

Malaika bent to go to Australia’s event after realizing the issue He did not even land on the plane to go to Australia. As a result, Victoria’s fashion show canceled. When asked about the organizers, they said that the show canceled for several reasons. Afterwards the show will organize.
Malaika Arora, on the other hand, denied the issue. He said the show canceled for some misunderstandings. Afterwards, there was a time-honed show that the show would be arranged, Malaika was heard in the mouth.
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