It was a shame if Croatia could not reach the final

Croatia is in great form in the Russia World Cup. Croatia Already they have taken place in the last four. Luca Madrid, Ivan Rakitic extraordinary performance behind the big team reached the semifinals. Croatia the dream of the disciples is such a great form of Coach Zlatko Dalic.

After the exciting match against Russia in the quarter-finals, the Croatian coach said it would be a matter of extreme shame if not to reach the final. Congratulations on how the boys fought in the field, won their best. We are proud of this win. At the same time, congratulations to Russia for a tough competition.
In the first half, Russians were lagging behind, but in the second half, Ronaldo returned to the rhythm. Regarding such a situation, he said that they were very aggressive (Russia). They fought very well in the first half and did not allow them to play according to the plan. But in the second half, we did not turn back and win our respected wins.
‘We do not want to stop here. I want to play two more matches. We are very excited. If you cannot reach the final of Moscow, it will be a matter of shame.
Note that in the quarter-finals, Russia, in the match against Russia, finally won 4-3 goals in the World Cup semifinal confirmed by Croatia.
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