In favor of the match figures between France vs Argentina?

In the group stage of the World Cup in Russia, the second round already confirmed the best 16 teams. France and Argentina are facing the country at 8:00 pm at the Kazan Arena Stadium, Russia. Do not wait for the hard-hitting batting of these two teams, one of the strongest in the series. There is no end to debate and discussion among the supporters. But what are the figures saying before the exciting match?
In this case, the Argentinean side has taken the statistics. So far, 11 teams have faced two teams, Argentina has won six times, drawn three times and France won two matches. Not only that, France could not win against Argentina in a competitive match. The two matches won by France, both of which are international friendly matches.
France-Argentina first faced the 1930 World Cup. Argentina won the services 1-0 35 years later, in 1965, again in the international match match between the two teams, Sober scored a goalless goal. Then France won 4-3 in a friendly match in 1971. Argentina, however, won 2-0 in the second match in the same year.
Besides, draws in 1972, Argentina win in 1974, draw in 1977 and Argentina won the 1978 World Cup. France also won in 1986 and Argentina won in 2007 and 2009.
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