How much money has earned by the football teams in the Russia World Cup?

Russia has climbed the World Cup stage. Already the last eight confirmed the qualifying teams. Quarter-final round starting on Friday. The sooner the finals are coming, the more speculation about the winning team will begin. Alongside, there is no end to discussion on the prize winning teams.
FIFA is awarded the winners and defeated teams for each prize in the World Cup as a prize money. Russia’s World Cup has not happened. Rather the amount of money has increased.

Let’s see what teams are getting in the current World Cup:
Group Stage: 
Poland, Senegal, Serbia, Costa Rica, South Korea, Germany, Tunisia, Panama, in the group stage. It turns out, the total prize money for all teams squared in the group stage is $ 128 million.
Last Sixteen:
Lionel Messi’s Argentina, Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal, Iniesta Spain, Denmark, Mexico and Japan have left the last sixteen of the knockout stage. In the second round, each team will get $ 12 million. The combined value of the parties is 96 million dollars.
Quarterfinals: The
teams that lose in the quarter-finals, the four teams will get 16 million dollars. Let’s say France lost to Uruguay. Then France will get the amount of money. The total prize money for these parties is 64 million dollars.
Fourth place: The 
fourth place will be worth 22 million dollars. Four years ago Brazil was the fourth team. They got 20 million dollars. Now the figure has increased.
Third place: 
Third place will get 24 million dollars. Four years ago the Netherlands was in third place. They got 22 million dollars. Now the two million dollars has increased prize money.
Runners up: 
Argentina, with a runner up four years ago, got 25 million dollars in the World Cup. Now the figure is increased to 28 million dollars.
Champion: The 
speculation of the champion team is not the end of the fantasy-curiosity. But the team that won, they will receive 38 million dollars. Germany earned 35 million dollars last champion.
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