How can you safe from cyber criminals?

Cyber crime crimes are increasing with the advancement of technology. Hackers are becoming more overwhelming day by day. Cyber criminals are doing everything to steal money from money laundering. So there is no alternative to avoiding the cyber-attack. Along with it also must be careful. Below is a discussion of what to do to protect yourself from cyber criminals:
Not to mention personal details: Many times, in the process of increasing the friendship, many people give their own personal details on their profile. Even the phone number with the mail id by sharing these details, the work of cyber criminals makes some work easier.
Not giving importance to privacy settings: Many do not give importance to the privacy setting given on social networking sites. So it is very easy for anyone to see the privacy settings. So privacy settings must be viewed seriously. The privacy of the photo should be locked for even photos that cannot be downloaded by anyone else.
Stop using the same password: Gmail, phone, Facebook, Twitter, computer lock should never use the same password at all. If you need to use different types of passwords and you need to change the password every month. If not, but the work of cyber criminals will be a lot easier.
Not to use security software: Security should be used on phones, computers or even tabs. If you do not use security software, your gadgets will not be guaranteed.
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