German conspiracy against Brazil or something else before the match with Mexico

Brazil in the last sixteen of the World Cup in Samara, Neymar’s opponent Mexico on Monday. Samba Magic, planning to stop Mexican wave in Brazil coach. Meanwhile, a German TV organization will broadcast a series of broadcasting doping in Brazil before the match with Mexico.
Russia, who last year’s World Cup champions Germany, departed from last year’s champions Germany. Four years ago, Germans went on to win the World Cup final by defeating Brazil 7-1. So before the Brazilian exit of the knockout stage, is there any conspiracy? Or try to uncover the truth? 
It can be known today before the Brazil-Mexico match. A special series on doping of Brazilian football will be broadcast in German TV ARD. German journalist Hjo Sepelate told the news on Twitter. Earlier, in 2014, ARD was promoted by special patronage of Russian athletics doping special report. Which triggered a big stir in the sports world. But what about Brazilian football doping can be known to some explosive information? 
It is known that Brazilian physician Hulio Alves or Brazilian athletes have been supplying banned drugs for a long time. There was no discussion on this. However, this doping documentary can be discussed in the Brazilian dark circles. That’s why this German TV channel chose the broadcast before Brazil’s knockout match. Thinks of experts like this.
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