France was tried to put pressure on Belgian team

France and Belgium in the first semifinal on Tuesday to compete in the final of the Russia Football World Cup. France’s coach Didier Deschamps is in a position to hold the semifinals ahead of the semis. Belgian is a tough opponent for the semi-final match in the match. So the French coach warns the team before the semifinals.

Didier Deschamps said before the match in the last four, “How strong Belgium is, they proved it. They have come behind the big teams in the semifinals. Belgium can stand in the way of our target But we are cautious I am trying to convey to the players about this issue well. ‘

Belgium reached the final of the World Cup after being the best in the group stage. There they show a great surprise. Belgium in the 52nd minute against Asian country Japan, digested two goals. But the Red Devils left the field with an incredible victory in 69, 74 and 94 minutes. Belgian, showed the world how to win the last sixteen matches of the tournament, like the World Cup.

Belgium sees more shots in quarterfinals Five-time world champion Brazil crashed. 55 years later Belgium won the match against Brazil. Belgium win first World Cup win in Brazil 2-1 There is a strong French coach, Didier Deschamps, about Belgium. 
Before the match in the last four, he said, “Our match against Belgium is a lot more challenging. They have come to the end to win all the great matches. Belgian is looking forward to the surprise But we do not want to be victims of their surprise. We are very careful in position. We are not willing to give Belgium any chance. In the beginning, the pressure will be put on them.
France beat Argentina 4-3 in the last 16th and qualify for quarter-finals. The French did not have too much trouble to defeat Uruguay on the last stage. They won by 2-0 goals. Desmond said that the team has made a lot of mistakes in the match against Uruguay.
He said, ‘One mistake can not be repeated and repeated. Especially in the semifinals when the opponent Belgium. Those who have already shown their competence and ability. Their plans with the match are really cool. How to handle a situation, they did it in the last two months. So, letting all of us misguide the team, and I mean, that mistake can not be done against Belgium. “
The first semifinal of the tournament will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia at 12:00 pm on Tuesday.
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