Facebook will tell how much time is being lost on Facebook

Facebook spent more time on the day. Many times the change of the picture on your Facebook multiple times, updating the status and commenting. After all, the mind was wasted time. Now Facebook will help save the time. Facebook’s new feature is coming out as ‘Your Time on Facebook’.
This new system will tell you how much time you spend in this social media. With the new feature, you can set a fixed time for Facebook. If you cross that time you will tell ‘Your Time on Facebook’. 
Not only this, this new feature will help to monitor Facebook notifications. You will also know the average time spent on Facebook for seven days a week. Also, advertising on Facebook will be reduced, so that there is no irritant in the use of this social media. 
But keep on Facebook, but do not make it intoxicating, saying Facebook is also. So the authorities are also arranging to measure this time.

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