Facebook should not be removed false news

Facebook will not remove false news. The social media behind it argued, because it does not violate their ‘community standards’. Because those who publish news on this platform have different views of theirs. Moving the posting will mean contradictory to the fundamental principles of free speech. The post that seems to be a ‘false news’ post will be placed in low-profile news-feed.
After the information came to the notice of Facebook that the Facebook role in spreading false news or false news started, in the US presidential election, Russia tried to influence voters using social media.
Facebook official John Hesman said that we have launched Facebook as a place where different people can raise their opinions or opinions.
The company says it will not remove any false information that does not break their rules. However, it will be a bad news that they will be dropped to lower-ranking.
This website was launched by the fact checkers with a red color warning icon, which was identified as false. Source: BBC Bangla
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