Facebook is the major enemy for iPhones

Apple’s iPhone users complained about the biggest social networking Facebook application. They alleged that the app was consuming the battery charge at the level of magnitude. They even complained of having lost a lot of charges due to its background activities, even when closed.
After analyzing the Facebook app, iOS App developer Jonathan Ziarski said that Facebook’s location tracking feature is partly responsible for battery expenditure. When Facebook’s location sharing is turned on, it works in the background that ends the battery. 
Meanwhile, Facebook authorities said they received complaints from some users. It will be resolved very soon. 
Closing the Facebook app settings does not stop its location tracking feature. However, the user can completely stop the Facebook location service or allow the application to be activated only when using the app.
when the location service and background app refresh settings are closed and the Facebook app costs 20 percent of the iPhone 5S battery, a user said. On the other hand, Facebook spokesman has denied that the problem is due to location tracking. Khabar: The Guardian
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