England was won by favoring of the referee – Falcao

The tension in the World Cup of Russia has reached everywhere. Intense fight in every match is going on. Meanwhile, the second round of Columbia-England’s exciting match has created a new debate. Many people criticized the referee Mark Geiger for having won favor with England. They say that the United States Referee always played flute for England. Colombian captain Radmel Falcao also spoke on the same level.

Falcao criticized referee Mark Geiger after losing to England, saying that it was very strange to me that they (FIFA) appointed an American referee in this match. This process has given rise to a lot of suspicion. Because, he can only speak English. For that reason many have made sure bias. Even for a small reason, he has decided to put a ball into our net. That’s clear to me now.
There were 36 fouls in the England-Colombia match. Whose 23 were against Colombia? The referee also applied the total of 8 yellow cards. Of which 6 have been shown to Colombian footballers.
Finally, Falcao complained that the referee’s decision put Columbia behind, and the 50-50 decisions were against us, the referee said against us. He always made the decision for England. That caused us much more damage. He did not treat the two parties equally.
Not just Radamel Falcao, Colombian coach Jose Pekerman also raised finger on the referee. 
This is not the first time the players complain against Geiger. After the match against Portugal in the group stage, Morocco brought charges against him. During the intermission of the match, the referee of Portugal asked Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal to ask him for jersey, the country’s midfielder, Nordine Maqbat
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