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Things have changed for the most important club in Europe. The Real Madrid team that will start their Champions League campaign against the Roma tomorrow morning is nothing like the one that has dominated European football in recent years.

For the first time in almost a decade, Madrid will be without Cristiano Ronaldo, the top scorer of the competition and the team's biggest star. It will also be without Zinedine Zidane, the coach who was replaced by Julen Lopetegui after resigning after last season's title.

Ronaldo was crucial for Madrid since he won the Champions League the last three seasons, and four times in the last five years.

"Ronaldo scored a time with Madrid, broke all records," said Madrid captain Sergio Ramos on Tuesday.

"But it's the past, we can not live from what he did in the past, the hole he leaves is big, but he's been occupied by other players who have a lot of ambition, we have a very competitive team.

Lopetegui will play a difficult start in the Champions League when Madrid faces Roma in their opening match at the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. The Italian club will be in the semifinals last season.

"Roma eliminated Atlético in the group stage and Barcelona in the quarterfinals," said Lopetegui.

"He kept the same coach and the team improved." I hope an opponent is even better than last season. We will have to play a great game.

Real Madrid vs AS Roma live at Real Madrid vs Roma live today 19.9.2018 Real Madrid vs Roma, our date today with the expected match between Real Madrid and Roma, where the match between two teams in the competition of Champions League (Group Stage - Final Round) Teams from around the world compete for a series of important official matches each season. a duck Lat football.

After we have given you some details about the Real Madrid match today, we also offer you a date and other details about the match between Real Madrid and Roma, where the two teams will meet on Tuesday 18-9-2018. , where they will meet Real Madrid. and Roma, in the Champions League (Group stage -) In a match that took place today in the Santiago Bernabeu field, Real Madrid is a solid team, so the observers pointed out to the world of football that serious and needs Concentrate high and competent.

Real Madrid vs VS Roma will be transferred through BBC Sport 1, where the match will take place in the Champions League (group stage - first round) and will comment on the Hafiz Draghi match events.

The whistle of the start of the match between Borussia Real Madrid and Roma will start at 10.00 pm in Real Madrid and Palestine at 9:00 pm Egypt time.

The match between Real Madrid and Roma in the Champions League (group stage - 1st round), where the world teams participate in the Champions League (group stage - first round), from a series of strong games by an official character, where fans and fans of local and international football participate in these games in which international teams participate in various tournaments and periodicals.

Real Madrid v Roma kicks off at 5am AEST, follow all the action in our live blog below!

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