Cavani-Suarez was fear of playing against France

Uruguay will face France in the semi-final on July 6. No team in power trial is less. The two teams are also in the World Cup experience. In such a match, Uruguay is considered to be the best player of the two stars.

Suarez went on to dump in the middle of practice on Tuesday. Only then does the speculation begin. But at the press conference, Suarez said, there is no concern with him, there is concern about Edison Cavani’s game.
Kavani got injured in the match against Portugal the Uruguayan Football Association reported that Cavani has been undergoing treatment. He has been watched over. 
Suarez said in response to reporters’ questions, “I do not even know whether Kavani can play against France. Like millions of people in Uruguay, I’m waiting to see what decision is made about Edison Cawney. “
Portugal lose Uruguay in the second round. On this day, Kavani scored two goals. It is unlikely it will be a big loss for Uruguay before the defeat of the cavanni against France. 
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