Brazil think that their rate was wrong jersey

One of the favorites team Brazil has departed from the Russia World Cup. Neymar’s team ended in a 2-1 defeat to Belgium in the quarter-finals with a formidable form in the final. Already being heard, behind the Brazilian rate is ‘wrong jersey’!

The failure of the star footballer to miss the jersey or the Brazilian hazard the match against Belgian in the quarter-finals is perhaps the most difficult match of the career in the match Man City for Fernandinho. Fernandinho was confident that the coach was not as a defensive blocker. But he was totally unsuccessful in the field.
Kevin De Bruyne, as he himself has scored for himself, also failed to cope with the Hazards. Brazilian fans say ‘villain’, “someone died in our family.” But Fernandinho’s jersey number or the reason for all the bad performance. It has been reported in a Brazilian sports daily.

It is written that the number of jerseys that the footballers play on the club, usually the national team is given to that jersey. The players also gave jerseys to footballers. But it was not possible for Fernandinho. In the City of Pepe Guaradila, in case of jersey number 25, Fernandinho was given the number 17 jersey for the national team.

Incidentally, four years ago, he played in the jersey number 17 in a major disaster match against Germany. That match also gave a bad performance gift.

It has been said that memories of past calamity may have remained unconscious. That’s why he made a suicide goal, as well as poor performances in the entire match.
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