Brazil and Mexico match on which figures?

Russia has started the knockout episode of the World Cup. In the meantime, there have been several incidents in the current World Cup. Apart from Germany’s departure by defending champions, Argentina, Portugal and Spain are one of the best players in the knockout stage. And with all of this, heading into exciting match tonight, one of the favorites is Brazil and Mexico.
Already this game has surrounded many speculation-imagination. The question is one – who will win today? In this case, however, the statistics are on behalf of Brazil.
1. Brazil have not been dropped before the quarter-finals since the 1990s. Mexico, on the other hand, has been eliminated from the second round of the last six World Cups. Mexicans could not defeat Brazil once in four times in World Cup
2. Brazil’s unbeaten Brazilian in the last 15 competitions
3. Brazil have won 56 of their three matches in the group stage. There were 44 shots taken by the opponent Mexico.
4. The Selecaura has tried to pass 1,884 passes so far in the tournament, which is 631 more than Mexico.
5. So far Brazil-Mexico has faced 40 times. Where Brazil won 23 matches, Mexico won 10 matches 7 matches in draw Brazil won the first three times in the World Cup four times In the 2014 Brazilian World Cup, the group stage was scored without goals.
6. Four times in the World Cup, Mexico did not score any goals against Brazil, 11 goals in the opposite direction.
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