Banega: I know how high Messi is!

Russia has returned to the rhythm without any good start in the World Cup, but one of the favorites is Argentina. Lionel Messi’s team went to back foot in their first two matches after the draw and rate. However, in the last match of the group stage, Team Argentina returned to the team against Diego d’Or Die in the final match. In the second round, a great win is reached.
In the last match with Nigeria, Lionel Messi’s excellent goal and Marcos Rohor’s goal helped the eligibility. The goal behind Messi’s goal was midfielder Ever Banega. Messi made an idiot by niggling players from mid-midfield and made an eye-opener a pass. It’s a ‘Finnish’ like LM-TEN.
Banega said at a press conference before going into the knockout match against France, “My head was then to reach Messi only in front of the ball. I did that, the rest did that. Playing with Leo Messi is always a pleasure. We know how high he is as a player. “
At this time, Banega said, ‘We are hopeful that we can continue to improve ourselves. From personal space, I always try to give my best. I have played for many years in Europe and have gained a lot of experience. I want to use that experience. ‘
France and Argentina face at Kazan Arena Stadium today.
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