Apple carrying on two new iPad

Tech giant Apple is going to bring two new iPads. However, no information has been provided on behalf of the company. However, two products of Apple are seen in the list of the European Economic Commission (EEC).
The idea is that the devices are the new version of the iPad. The model number of Apple products seen in the EC list is 1895 and 1980. Which is similar to the series of iPad model numbers. So the idea is that both of these devices are the new iPad. There is no known information about what will be in the new iPad.
It is believed that Apple could bring an expensive and other affordable price version of the iPad. Meanwhile, there are some speculations that the new iPad will keep up with the trend in the dance display. Advanced cameras and powerful processors with flash will be added. There will be no home button. No information is available even when the device is officially unveiled. But the new iPad can be unveiled this year.
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