After three months of his death, Hawking’s voice near Black Hole

According to various international press, Stephen Hawking was not only a legendary scientist, he became a ‘celebrity scientist’. Hawking was the father of the Black Hole theory. Although his research subjects were generally complicated by the general public, it was easy for the Hawking to be understood by people living away from science.
On March 14 this year, 76 years of age, the scientist Stephen Hawking said that the world was farewell. After three months of the incident. But on June 16, the sound of Stephen Hawking was heard from a black hole (1A 0620-00) of approximately 3500 light-years from Earth.
Nah! There is no ghost or miracle. Completely scientific matter Black hole named ‘1A 0620-00’ was discovered in 1975. The voice of Stephen Hawking was transmitted with Radio Wave. Spain’s ‘European Space Agency’ causes this tension Greek music director Vangelis added music to the speech of the six minute Hawking. 
According to a report from the All India newspaper, Lucy Hawking, the daughter of the scientific hockey, who is in charge of this space agency’s honor? He said that the space between his father and the world has established a beautiful connection between his father and the world.
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