After Russia’s victory against Spain, the model was nude!

Maria Liman Russian famous model. But not a personalized image, it has come to the discussion posting its own nude photos through social media.
Last Sunday, Spain lost in the final tie for the first time against the host country Russia. The victory was followed by Russian goalkeeper Igor Akinfiov. He was impressed by the performance of Ighar.
To avoid Spain, Igor prevented two shots from Spain in the tiebreaker. In the end, while jumping on the right side, but with the help of Durant Reflex, the shot turned to the shots. The 24-year-old model said, “Akinfibh is the best. I’m still shocked. I’m speechless, champion of Russia end. I’m proud of everyone. I still cannot believe the truth.”
But not only has the last eight, Maria wanted to see her country above. That is why he said that the team also has to win against Croatia. “If the team cannot win against the Croatian, I will not be nude anymore in support of them. It’s not a threat, a warning. “
However, not only did Spain-match, but Maria was still nude after winning the team 5 goals against Saudi Arabia in the first match.
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